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The best places to study in London

In this post we take a look at the best places for getting some learning done in our home city - London.

illustration of London

Sometimes learning at home just doesn’t work: it’s noisy, cramped, full of distractions, or maybe it’s perfect but you need a change of scene. Luckily London is full of great places to get on with your courses and finish some learning. Here are a few of our favourites…

Big places…

Wellcome Collection Cafe (and reading room)

Best Place to Study in London FutureLearn Wellcome
The Wellcome Collection Cafe and reading room. (Images from The Wellcome Collection)

The Wellcome Collection is where culture meets science, the Wellcome Collection cafe is where cake meets conversation. As you study you’ll find yourself soothed by the hum of thoughtful discussion, and if you need inspiration you can always dive into one of the exhibitions.

✔ Wi-fi  ✔ Food ✔ Weird and wonderful reading room

Foyles bookshop cafe on Charing Cross Road

Best Place to Study in London FutureLearn Foyles
The impressive staircase in Foyles and its welcoming cafe. (Images from Matt Brown and Lusted Green)

5 floors of books are topped by a light and airy cafe that serves great coffee. Cosy benches mean you might even end up swapping life stories with a fellow cafe-goer. Plus you can spend your study breaks browsing the stacks in Foyles or the secondhand bookshops along Charing Cross road.

✔ Wi-fi ✔ Food ✔ Lots of extra reading material  


Best Place to Study in London FutureLearn Barbican
The Barbican Kitchen, indoors and outdoors. (Images from the Barbican)

There’s so many places in the Barbican you can study, from the cinema bar to the Barbican kitchen. The hard concrete lines have a curiously calming effect so it’s great for work requiring concentration.

✔ Wi-fi ✔ Food ✔ Brutalist architecture  

The British Library

Best Place to Study in London FutureLearn Library
Explore the impressive architecture at the British Library. (Images from the British Library)

We might be biased as this was once our home, but, seeing as the British Library always appears in great places to study lists, it can’t be just us. 4 floors of reading rooms, multiple cafes, the imposing King’s library (the glass walled private collection that rises through the middle of the building) all make for a suitably studious atmosphere.

✔ Wi-fi ✔ Food ✔ Former home of FutureLearn

Small places…

FIX 126

Best Place to Study in London FutureLearn Fix 126
Fix 126 – a coffee lovers dream. (Image from Fix 126)

The place for lovers of good coffee, Fix 126 in Shoreditch has big windows and strong brews. Perfect for bouts of studying followed by people watching.

✔ Wi-fi ✔ Food ✔ Great Coffee


Best Place to Study in London FutureLearn TImberyard
Treats at Timberyard are not to be missed. (Image from Timberyard)

If you like an energetic atmosphere and a selection of charming armchairs Timberyard is perfect. All three of its locations are usually filled with people working too, you’ll be among friends.

✔ Wi-fi ✔ Cake ✔ Armchairs

Serpentine bar and kitchen

Best Place to Study in London FutureLearn Serpentine
Keep an eye out for herons. (Images from the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen)

Visit the Serpentine bar and kitchen in Hyde Park for a study seat with a view – it looks out over the Serpentine lake so while you’re expanding your mind you can also observe herons, swans and…tourists on pedalos.

✔ Views ✔ Food ✔ Swans

Bishopsgate Institute Library

Best Place to Study in London FutureLearn Bishopsgate
Look out for the beautiful Bishopsgate sky light. (Images from: The Bishopsgate Institute and Tom Morris)

Tucked away by Liverpool Street Station, Bishopsgate Library is a welcome respite from the unrelenting crush of the station. It features old-school wooden shelves and a magnificent domed skylight so if you squint a little bit you could probably pretend you’re in Hogwarts.

✔ Wi-fi ✔ Studious atmosphere ✔ Skylight

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