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3 ways we’ve made it easier to join FutureLearn courses

Many FutureLearn courses are now running multiple times a year. We’ve recently made three changes, so that you can see all of the start dates for a course in one place and register your interest in past courses that you’d like to see run again. Our Product Manager, Simon Pearson, explains.

Until recently, each run of a course had its own page on FutureLearn, which created some confusion. We’ve now changed that, so you can see all of the current and upcoming runs for a course on a single page. This means you can now do three important things:

1. Pick the start date that’s best for you

You can now see all of the start dates for FutureLearn courses

When browsing course pages, you’ll notice a new “Start dates” section.

If there’s a run in progress, you can join it and catch up. If you’re planning ahead, you can see all of dates that the course will start in future and pick one that’s best for you.

For example, the popular “Introduction to Cyber Security” course is currently in progress and has two runs scheduled already for 2015. So, you have lots of opportunities to get to know your phishing from your ransomware.

2. Register your interest in courses with no start date

You can now register your interest in FutureLearn courses with no scheduled run date

One of the questions that we’re most frequently asked is when a past course will run again. The idea of a “wish list” has been one of the most popular in our feedback forum, with 157 votes.

Now, if you spot a finished course that you’d like to take, but it doesn’t show any future run dates, you can register your interest in it. We’ll then email you to let you know when the course will run again.

So far, we can see that you’re really keen to see future runs of “How to Succeed at: Writing Applications,” “Creative Coding” and “Digital Marketing: Challenges and Insights.”

3. Search for courses more easily

Finally, if you’re using your browser bar or a search engine to find a course, you’ll now see just one search result per course rather than the several that existed previously, which makes things nice and tidy:

You'll now see only one page per FutureLearn course in search engine results

Want to see these new features in action? Take a look at our upcoming courses. Want to get the best out of FutureLearn? Read more of our “Tips & Tricks.”

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