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Explore somewhere new in November with FutureLearn

Need a change of scenery this November? Look no further, we have exciting new and returning courses to take you to all sorts of places.

1. Sit at the royal table

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What did Henry VIII munch for lunch? How was chocolate used as a political tool? What was Queen Victoria’s favourite food? These are just some of the questions you’ll answer on the course A History of Royal Food and Feasting from the University of Reading and Historic Royal Palaces. Take an intimate look behind the scenes at some of the most incredible palaces in England and find out what was served to generations of royalty.

Show me the palaces

2. Step inside the courtroom

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What happens when a crime is committed in the UK? Now’s your chance to find out with the course From Crime to Punishment: an Introduction to Criminal Justice from the University of York. Follow a criminal case through a journey of investigation, prosecution and adjudication and get savvy about criminal justice in the UK.

Take me to the courtroom

3. Travel back to the 17th century Scientific Revolution

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What we understand as science today owes a lot to the 17th century when a ‘Scientific Revolution’ took place. On the course The Scientific Revolution: Understanding the Roots of Modern Science from the University of Groningen you will critically explore the history of science, examine modern scientific methods and look at the relationship between science, religion and secularism.

Show me the revolution

4. Explore the Middle East of antiquity

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The Birmingham Qur’an is one of the oldest Islamic documents in existence. It’s been on quite a journey – carbon dating puts it as being from between 568 and 645 AD! With the course The Birmingham Qur’an: Its Journey from the Islamic Heartlands from the University of Birmingham, the university that currently holds the ancient manuscript, you can explore its remarkable history from its origins in the Middle East to its arrival in contemporary Britain.

Show me the Birmingham Qur’an

5. Go inside UK parliament

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Most people have signed a petition for something at one point or another – but what difference do petitions to parliament make? Get answers with the course UK Parliament Explored: Petitions, created by the Houses of Parliament. You’ll find out what makes a petition successful, explore case studies of what made a difference and more.

Take me to parliament

6. Dive underwater

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Maybe you’re feeling a little bored by dry land, and fancy taking a dip. If so, the course Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds from the University of Southampton might be the course for you. Discover how maritime archaeology can show our changing relationship with the oceans and seas, from 2.5m years ago until today by exploring wrecks and the new technology revealing the mysteries of our oceans.

Let’s dive

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