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Fly Me to the Moon…

The team behind The Open University’s  upcoming ‘Moons’ MOOC unveils what learners can expect to discover by exploring the many moons of our Solar System in this exciting free online course.

Moons - free online course

The wonders of the Earth’s Moon and moons generally have been a source of fascination for scientists for centuries and now a new free course by The Open University will harness that knowledge to enlighten ordinary enthusiasts.

Moons, is The Open University’s second course offered free on its social-learning platform FutureLearn. Learners can explore the many moons of our Solar System and discover, through interactive learning and a visual feast of images and video, exactly what makes moons so special. Interviews with renowned moons experts from around the globe are included as well as fun learning activities such as an online game of Moon Trumps.

Topics covered will include asking the bigger questions – such as whether it makes sense to send humans back to the Moon – as well as looking at the composition of moons, their importance and why some of them are thought capable of hosting microbial life. Learners can view images of lunar samples and explore detailed views of the surfaces of the moons of other planets. The course is accessible to those new to the subject and with no prior knowledge. Spread over eight weeks, learners commit to three hours of study each week with weekly multiple-choice checks that culminate in a final review.

Lead academic Dr David Rothery, Professor of Planetary Geosciences, says: “This is such an exciting time for moons exploration.  The course will provide a lot of answers to those who want to know more about moons, and perhaps spark further learning of planetary science and astronomy.”

So come and join us and explore the wonders of the Earth’s Moon.

UPDATE – after a successful first run, this course start again on 2 February 2015.

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