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Educator Spotlight: Inspiring health and care staff to make a difference

The Horizons team, part of the Improvement Directorate of NHS England, recently ran its first course on our platform! The School for Change Agents attracted more than 4,500 learners from 105 countries and received excellent feedback. We asked the educators, Olly Benson, Kathryn Perera and Helen Bevan, for the secret ingredient to success and here’s what they said: 

“The School for Change Agents is a 6-week course focused on ‘how to make change happen’. Our aim is to grow an international community of change agents – people who develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to make a positive difference in the health and care sectors. We’ve run the School for five years as a ‘cottage industry’ using minimal technology and working almost exclusively through social media. The secret to our success in 2019 was continuing to focus on growing the community and creating energy through social media, alongside professionalising the e-learning experience through working with FutureLearn. More than 16,000 people participated in the School’s live virtual sessions, downloaded free online resources and attended face-to-face learning groups around the world. With FutureLearn’s support, we managed to balance the community feel that is so fundamental to the School’s success, with a more accessible, more attractive e-learning offer.”

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