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Meet our ten million learner competition winners

To celebrate FutureLearn reaching an incredible ten million learners, we held a competition on our social media channels.

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A big thank you to all those who entered and shared their online learning journeys. Over 400 of you got in touch to tell us what you’ve most enjoyed learning on a FutureLearn course. 

We chose ten of the most inspiring stories to receive a free course upgrade, and after reading these over the last week, we’re humbled to have played a part in so many success stories. 

Have a read of the winning entries below, along with a little about their learning journey with FutureLearn so far.

Jonathan G.

Course taken: Teaching physical computing with Raspberry Pi and Python

“Since taking the course I have already developed more than 10 home automation projects with my Raspberry Pi 3 – a work group that was created from the course at the university where I work. 

It was created to show students the current context of embedded systems, and that programming, sensors and actuators could provide the solution for some of the needs presented to them in their homes. Some of the projects carried out were automatic plant watering and indoor lighting controlled by mobiles and sensors!

I’ve shared my knowledge with the students I teach, and not only that but I’ve created a YouTube channel to share with any others who are interested.”

Robert M.

Courses taken: Introduction to Cybersecurity – The Open University and Occupational Health in Developing Countries – Berge

“I used my Certificates of Achievement in addition to my high school and vocational certificates to successfully apply for the University of the People, an online university in the USA.

After being accepted, I am now on course to graduate in Business Administration in 2022. I am thankful to FutureLearn for the course content which has given me a strong background in how to stay safe online, and learn together with other like minded people like me. These certificates definitely played a part in my acceptance, and I hope to move onto further study!”

Priyanka A.

Course taken: Understanding IELTS – British Council

“Understanding IELTS helped me achieve a high score on my first attempt, and took me away from boring grammar book-based topics to flexible learning, interesting links and helpful digital community. This changed my perception of language exam preparation. 

The writing part was extremely useful because succinct writing is a tough skill. I never knew that formal or informal writing has so many nuances, from simple aspects like hyphenated words and paraphrasing to cohesion and coherence in the text! Moreover, the techniques used were very easy to follow, reassuring me at every step.

After scoring Band 8 (very good) overall in May 2018, it has enlightened my academic journey further as I delve into graduate studies which involves a lot of email exchanges, research proposal drafting and presentations. Thank you FutureLearn and the British Council!”

Natalia K.

Course taken: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World – Kering and UAL

“In 2019, I created a brand of eco-friendly children’s clothing (, from the best and safe fabrics – hemp, linen, and natural cotton. All fabrics are carefully selected. This is a children’s clothing brand calling for a conscious choice.

The course has changed my life. To understand the influence of fashion and industry, I read a lot, watched documentaries and used lots of additional materials. After taking the course, I clearly realised that I want to create clothes that will last a long time and be safe for children and the environment. 

We were recently nominated for the first federal award in the field of healthy lifestyle and ecology, Live Organic Awards, in Moscow.

Thank you FutureLearn!”

Morgane C.

Course taken: Teaching Literacy Through Film – BFI

“Thanks to this course, I was able to implement several activities and methods in my own teaching. I grew as a teacher and managed to involve students with learning difficulties in class activities which also did wonders for class management!

I have taught French and English to high school and middle school students in China and French Guiana over the past three years. I was a new teacher with little idea of how to organise and conduct a lesson, so I took lots of online classes during that period, mostly FutureLearn MOOCs. I knew I wanted to take a different and interesting approach to teaching, with lots of interactivity and original resources. The course immediately called my attention.

I discovered that using film and images is the perfect way to mobilise students, including ones suffering from dyslexia and other disabilities or difficulties. One activity was particularly productive: it consisted in cutting off the video before the end and encouraging students to come up with possible endings. All the students participated and interacted in an extremely calm and respectful manner (quite the change…).

In all my classes, I systematically turned to these activities whenever I felt the classroom atmosphere taking a turn for the worse as they were very helpful to refocus the students’ attention, especially my autistic and ADHD students.”

Helgaardt M.

Course taken: Education for All: Disability, Diversity and Inclusion

“The course improved my knowledge tremendously. In fact, as a disabled teacher myself, teaching in an inclusive school in South Africa for the last 14 years, I used this course as a starting point for my research in inclusive education and completed my proposal for my PhD in Inclusive education. 

Education for All is such a wide spectrum of aspects and gave me insight into various other types of challenges that teachers and learners experience across the globe. As a person with a physical disability for the past seventeen years, I am striving to remove the barriers people may experience and give them an equal opportunity towards education.

I am now pursuing a PhD in Inclusive education is to change the negative perception of the world about “disABILITY”. We all are different…in different ways.”

Charles O.

Course taken: Ideas for a Better World: Leading Change Through Policymaking

“After taking the course, I used my new found knowledge to inform a session I held with Teach for Uganda Fellows, a group of young professionals teaching at Primary Schools in underserved communities, called ‘The Principles and Psychology of Influence’.

Together, we furthered our learning into conflicts of interest and how to manage these. In the leadership journey of our Fellows, influence and conflict management are key components of their work and impact. The session equipped them with the criteria for creating influence and boosting their network professionally. 

Their attitude towards conflict at work and leadership changes for the better has transformed – they now view conflicts as normal challenges at work, approach them intentionally and without bias to maintain working relationships with colleagues.

Thank you FutureLearn for the excellent and inspiring content.”

Bashayer S.

Course taken: Short Film in Language Teaching

“This course has helped me to get a job as a French language teacher! I was thrilled to have been chosen out of more than 60 candidates. Having the course on my CV really stood out, they asked me about it in the interview. Additionally, the tutors and international learners inspired me so much with ideas about teaching languages. I’m incredibly thankful for you all!”

Asrar S.

Course taken: Ecology and Wildlife Conservation

“After being inspired by the course, I organised a beach clean-up programme at Marina Beach in India (the world’s second-largest beach) with 35 students from the Dept of Zoology at The New College. We collected papers, plastic waste and rubbish discarded by tourists.

I also ensured pamphlets highlighting the ill effects of plastic pollution were distributed to the beach visitors to create awareness and prevent littering. For the participating students, it was a lesson in social initiatives, responsibilities and eco-awareness. Thank you FutureLearn and the University of Leeds!”

Abdul K.

Course taken: Discover Dentistry

“After taking the course, I have successfully applied for placements in dental practices in the UK which shows how trusted, well known and effective the course and the program providers are!

This, I hope, will help me get into university to attain degrees in a dentistry-related course. After completing my studies I aim to pursue my career in dentistry and maintain education through learning platforms like FutureLearn and other educational providers.”

Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who entered! It was a real pleasure to read about your achievements and passion for learning.

We hope to hold more competitions in the future. Keep an eye on our social channels for more information!

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