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Get hired in 2020 with a professional SaaS microcredential

Discover our newest set of industry-endorsed microcredentials designed to equip you with the skills you need to get hired in an in-demand sector with high job growth.

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On the 13th of July, our four brand new, industry-endorsed microcredentials for business professionals working with Xero, Salesforce, Tableau, and AWS are going live. 

These microcredentials have been created in collaboration with world-leading business intelligence tools and SaaS software providers in order to address skills shortages in finance, data science, cloud computing, and customer success management.

Read on to find out why these sectors are crying out for skilled professionals in 2020 and join today to set yourself up with the skills you need to get hired in a future proof role within a booming sector.

Cloud Computing Certification with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Why cloud computing:

This microcredential is aligned with the growing expectation for all business and IT professionals to be able to evidence practical skills in cloud computing.

Between 2015 and 2019, job posts requesting cloud computing skills grew by 55%, making it one of the fastest-growing careers markets in the world. 

This microcredential offers you the opportunity to future proof your CV with cloud computing training – the second most in-demand hard skill of 2020 according to Linkedin.

What you’ll achieve:

Designed to accelerate the career progression of professionals working in business development, product, and business analytics, this microcredential will help you develop the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to oversee cloud-enabled projects using Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud computing platform.

Controlling 33% of the global cloud computing market, AWS has been the fastest growing and most profitable arm of Amazon for years, and with customers like Apple, NASA, and Netflix, its top tier status is only growing.

As well as advanced cloud computing training, this microcredential will give you an enhanced understanding of AWS services and the skills to spot opportunities to improve systems by using AWS and strategically and operationally prepare your organisation for cloud migration.

Supported by experts in the field, you’ll build the capabilities of a cloud computing business professional whilst fast-tracking your career development in this in-demand sector.


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Customer Experience Management with Salesforce Training  

Why Salesforce CRM:

With a 19% share of the $50 billion global CRM market – twice as much as the second-place contender – Salesforce is the world’s best-known and most popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform. 

Boasting over 150,000 customers, including 83% of Fortune 500 companies, the software exists to improve customer retention for businesses everywhere.

However, the accelerated growth of the market-leading platform is resulting in a dramatic Salesforce skills and credentials shortage, with a 4:1 job to qualified candidate ratio.

What you’ll achieve:

This microcredential is designed for customer success and experience management, early-stage CRM, business development, product, and marketing professionals whose roles rely on understanding the key stages of creating a positive customer experience.

As well as teaching you how to use Salesforce to implement and manage business-critical CX and success strategies, the microcredential will advance your skills in a sector lacking experienced professionals – allowing you to position yourself as an invaluable professional in the digital economy.

As you gain hands-on experience in designing and implementing CX, you’ll discover how CX should influence business decision-making and how to best use Salesforce to support those goals.


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Data Analytics for Business with Tableau Training

Why data analytics:

From deciphering market trends and creating credit scores in finance to predicting patient outcomes in healthcare, the ability to optimise efficiency by analysing data is now a highly sought after skill for professionals across every business sector.

This microcredential offers advanced data analytics and modelling skills combined with the latest training in using data analytics tool, Tableau.

Tableau streamlines the process of presenting complex data in an engaging way and will help you to bring strategic value to your organisation in the form of data visualisation dashboards.

What you’ll achieve:

Listed by Forbes as one of the top data analytics tools available on the market, job postings requesting Tableau experience are growing rapidly. 

Whether you’re working in data analytics, you’re an aspiring data or business analyst, or you’re a graduate looking for quantitative data analysis skills to support job applications, this microcredential will equip you with the advanced data analytics and Tableau skills you need to bolster your CV or advance in your current role.

You’ll develop data visualisation and storytelling skills that are translatable across industries, and equip yourself with the skills to get hired in a market that’s expected to be worth $500billion by 2026.


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Financial Analysis and Decision Making with Xero and Tableau

Why financial analytics:

In 2019, the finance sector saw a financial data skills shortage in the US and the UK according to Linkedin data, with Bloomberg reporting that US job postings requesting data skills increased by almost 60% in the 12-month period ending in July.

To keep pace in the world of financial analytics, professionals require a complex combination of detailed analytical skills and crystal clear communication skills. 

When it comes to clear financial reporting, Xero is the software of choice for over 16,000 accounting firms around the world and will help you to make better financial decisions with the numbers at your disposal.

What you’ll achieve:

As well as upskilling you in Xero’s cloud-based software, this microcredential will teach you how to use Tableau to improve profitability and growth analysis, cash flow management, reporting and revenue forecasting.

If you’re in the market for a higher-skill financial analyst role or you’re responsible for managing, analysing, and communicating insights from financial data, this microcredential will grow your confidence in using world-leading financial analytics software as well as conducting and communicating financial insights in a way that leads to strategic action for your organisation.

With 61% of UK finance and insurance sector organisations reporting skills shortages in 2019, get with the professional training you need to stand out in the workplace and advance your finance career. 


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