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Learner Story – Alice

Find out how Alice-Elizabeth has enjoyed using FutureLearn to improve her performance at work and college, and why she was inspired to go Unlimited.

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In this post, Alice-Elizabeth tells us how FutureLearn has boosted her workplace and study skills.

After completing one course, she signed up to FutureLearn Unlimited and is looking into completing an online degree on the FutureLearn platform.

Find a course for you

After Alice-Elizabeth’s plans to complete an NVQ in business studies were put on hold due to COVID-19, she took King’s College London’s Introduction to Business Management on FutureLearn as a way to keep learning and prepare for further education.

Get ahead before starting college or university

“I first heard about FutureLearn from a family member who has an Unlimited subscription and completes courses for their work in the museum and cultural sectors. As part of my voluntary role in a charity bookshop, I was due to start an NVQ in Business Studies in March of 2020. However, when local COVID-19 lockdowns were imposed, my studies were put on hold until the summer. As a result, I searched online for alternative business courses to not only give me a head start for my college studies, but to see if this was generally the right area for me to pursue.” 

FutureLearn helped to ease Alice-Elizabeth into studying and transformed her confidence. 

“One of my lifelong struggles has been speaking up and being comfortable with discussing new ideas. I’ve gained confidence by engaging with the comments section across all the courses I’ve completed and communicating with both learners and educators. I also managed to become more in control with regards to time management and finding the right time of the day (or night!) that works best for me to study. FutureLearn has acted as a great stepping stone towards my NVQ study – it would have been really daunting to begin my NVQ if I hadn’t completed this course.” 

Build soft skills for the workplace

Alice-Elizabeth says FutureLearn has also helped to develop her workplace skills, and she is now applying the knowledge she’s gained to her current role. 

“I learnt from the Business Management course how to communicate better with colleagues at my voluntary role. It also encouraged me to share and demonstrate creative and enterprising ideas for shop displays, and boosted my confidence off the shop floor with tasks such as sorting through stock, and valuation of books and vinyl. I also continue to apply the personal communication and creative skills I learned to my NVQ studies.” 

One of Alice’s favourite things about FutureLearn is the wide variety of courses and the ability to complete them on different devices. 

“The range of courses was what really attracted me to joining FutureLearn – there seems to be new content added every week! The website is also fast and easy to access on my laptop and even on a mobile device with no issues. This meant that during lockdown, I could study on my mobile device in the garden and still keep up to date with which step of the course I was at. It also felt great to see the completed status for a course on your FutureLearn profile, which made me smile! I also added the certificate I gained to my CV, which I think is a great idea.”

Get limitless access to thousands of courses

After completing the King’s College London course, Alice signed up to FutureLearn Unlimited. Unlimited offers learners limitless access to all short courses on the platform for a year.

You can enrol and earn certificates in as many courses as you like, and share your certificates with your professional network.

Alice-Elizabeth has been inspired to look into completing an online degree on the platform.

“After finishing my first course, my family surprised me with an unlimited subscription to the platform for a year! The King’s College London course has really changed my entire mindset – I found myself taking more notes and undertaking extended reading away from FutureLearn, on current affairs and economics news relevant to the course. This has inspired me to seriously consider studying with Coventry University via FutureLearn on one of their online business degrees!

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