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Learner Story – Rosie

Student Rosie tells us about how she used FutureLearn to help her ace her A-Level biology exams – and is now using FutureLearn to train for the jobs market.

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Rosie Youngman, 20, used FutureLearn to supplement her revision for her A-Level exams. Here she shares how one of FutureLearn’s courses helped her to achieve higher than her predicted grade in A-Level biology and how she is now using the platform to prepare for the world of work.

FutureLearn was recommended to Rosie by her college while she was studying for her A-Levels. She took the University of East Anglia’s ‘Biochemistry’ course as a new method of revision for her biology exam. 

“Biochemistry forms the basis of biology, so I chose to take the UEA course to cement my knowledge and help me to remember different facts for my exams. I really enjoyed using FutureLearn to supplement my studies and found it a great way to revise – It’s nice to do something different, instead of just looking at a textbook and making notes.”  

One of the things Rosie enjoyed most about using FutureLearn for her studies was the flexibility and interactivity it offers. 

“The course provided a really interactive way of engaging with different topics in biology and the quiz at the end of the course helped me to test my overall understanding of the subject. I also really liked the fact that once I had completed the course, I could share this to social media. I was proud about finishing it and shared it to my Facebook page! I also liked that I had the option to upgrade to receive a digital certificate.” 

 Revising using FutureLearn helped Rosie to pass her A-Level biology exams and surpass her predicted grade. 

“It’s safe to say I was failing biology throughout the eternity of year 12 and FutureLearn helped me to go from a U grade to receiving a C in my exams, something I am extremely proud of.” 

Rosie encourages students who may be doing their GCSEs or A-Levels to try out FutureLearn. 

“I would recommend FutureLearn to everyone I know, just to learn something new but specifically those who are studying for exams. FutureLearn’s courses in biochemistry or Shakespeare can really complement the subjects you learn at school or college”. 

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Rosie also joined Maudsley Learning’s ‘COVID-19: Psychological Impact, Wellbeing and Mental Health course’, to help manage some of the anxieties the pandemic has brought on. 

“The COVID Psychological Impact course is incredibly relevant at the moment and is a great way of making sense of what is going on in the world. Having a better understanding of the virus allows you to reflect and cope with the impact it has had on you personally.”

Now Rosie has finished her A-Levels and is looking to the future, she has been using FutureLearn to help develop skills for the modern workplace. 

“I’m currently looking for a job and would like to pursue a career in journalism. In the meantime, I have been taking more FutureLearn courses to boost my CV and develop my technological skills. I recently finished The University of Leeds and Institute of Coding’s ‘Create a social media marketing campaign’ and am in the process of doing Bond University’s ‘Introduction to Excel and Data Analytics’, in order to demonstrate to employers that I am capable of using computers and different technology”. 

For Rosie, FutureLearn has benefits no matter what level of learner you are.

“I love that you can use FutureLearn at different stages of your life, at school or college to supplement your studies or later in life to help you develop skills for work.”


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