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FutureLearn Unlimited: Selina’s Story

Find out why FutureLearner, Selina, became an Unlimited subscriber and how it's helped her in her career. Get Unlimited for only £149 in February.


Last March we were excited to launch Unlimited, offering FutureLearners the ability to take as many courses as they’d like for a year, continued access to course content, and no time limit on finishing a course. 

It’s a chance to take your love of learning to the next level – and, this February, it’s only £149.

Here Selina – a data analyst, team/project manager, and long time FutureLearner – explains why she chose Unlimited and tells us how she’s been enjoying its benefits.

Why I chose Unlimited

I’d been using FutureLearn since 2014, completing courses and collecting certificates along the way. In 2017, I found the Management and Leadership, Essentials program, offered by the Open University in conjunction with CMI (Chartered Management Institution). After debating for some time, I decided the opportunity to achieve a Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership was worth the investment – I went for it.

Later, I stumbled across the Management and Leadership, Personal Development program from the Open University that would convert my L5 Award into a certificate. The courses cost £124 and after completing the assessment I’d be able to start applying for chartered status as a manager.

Then, I found Unlimited.

For a little bit more, I’d be able to get the certificates I needed for the program and have access to hundreds of other courses on the platform. 

This sounded perfect, but I was even more excited by the fact I’d get to keep access to the materials after completing a course. There were so many courses I had my eye on so I thought, why not; even if I just do one extra course, it’s worth it. 

So, on April 21st 2019, I signed up…

How I used Unlimited

The first course I joined was Business Fundamentals: Effective Networking by the OU. I had already completed it some time ago and still had access to the content, but no certificate, so it seemed like an easy win. I knew the material and could now get a digital certificate.

I saw this course was also part of the Business Fundamentals program which had no assessment fees. After completing the other courses within that program, I was able to earn a FutureLearn Award within the cost of my Unlimited package. No hidden fees!

Overall I’ve signed up to more courses than I thought I would since buying Unlimited and have achieved 75 certificates (and counting!) that I can use forever to demonstrate my knowledge and willingness to learn.

I’ve also achieved five FutureLearn Awards that I can proudly display on my Linkedin and FutureLearn profiles.

When I think about how much it would’ve cost to buy each of those certificates individually, it makes me (and my wallet) feel great about my savings.

I’ve mainly focused on Business & Management and Teaching courses throughout the year as these were relevant to my career, but I was excited to have the opportunity to study subjects I found fun and interesting without the fear of losing access. 

My favourite course was Film Distribution: Connecting Films with Audiences because it was really up-to-date with examples chosen from recent films, I had some great conversations with people, and there was even an opportunity to put your own trailer together! It was also different from a lot of the other courses I took, so it was a nice break.

Did it help?

Overall, having Unlimited has meant I’ve been able to really explore my love of learning and try lots of new things without fear of wasting money.

The thing I enjoyed the most about it was being able to dip in and out when I had some time; on the train, making breakfast, anywhere. It really helped me make the most of my down-time.

I took courses on writing research proposals which really helped me to research and write a proposal for a Doctoral course which I have just submitted. It’s helped me brush up on my skills and interact with different kinds of people and learn from their experiences 

What’s next?

I am actually just about to change job and move into a new role in educational technology. My FutureLearn study has really helped me reassess what’s important to me and what kind of things I enjoy. I am sure I will be renewing my subscription!

I am all about online learning and the use of educational technology. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. Check out my full blog to read more about my online learning experience.

Unleash your love of learning. Join Unlimited today for just £149.

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