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Teaching goals for 2017

In this post find great courses to help you achieve your teaching goals this year.

In this post find great courses to help you achieve your teaching goals this year.

Whether you’re looking to develop your teaching skills or help your students learn exciting new topics in 2017, we’ve got courses to help. Best of all every course is broken down into manageable chunks so you can fit your learning around your timetable.

My goal is to get students coding

Coding has been dubbed the ‘most important job skill of the future’ but there’s still a worrying lack of young people learning how to code. Make 2017 the year you help change that, with a course that offers practical advice.

Try Teaching Programming in Primary Schools

My goal is to use blended learning

Thanks to new technology there’s now an overwhelming amount of ways to teach. Blended learning has been hailed as a solution, but what does it actually mean and how can you implement it?

Find out with Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started

My goal is to get started with Raspberry Pi

Help your students discover computers and coding through building something in the ‘real world’ with the team from Raspberry Pi.

Get building with Teaching Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi and Python

My goal is to help open education to all

Number 4 on the the UN’s list of global universal sustainable development goals (SDGs) is ““Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning”. Despite this, in 2013, 59 million primary-school age children were out of school. Now is the time to learn what barriers to education children face, and how to break them down.

Discover more with The Right to Education

My goal is to use data to help students

Data has got plenty of attention over the last few years, but can it be put to good use in the classroom? Experts from the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) say yes.

Find out how with Using Data to Improve Student Outcomes

My goal is to improve STEM assessments

Assessments for Learning (AfL) are widely used in education, but they’re not always applied effectively, especially in STEM. Make 2017 the year you learn the ins and outs of using AfL in STEM teaching – from the theory to using them in the lab.

Improve your STEM teaching with Assessment for Learning in STEM Teaching

What’s your teaching goal?

What do you want to achieve with your teaching this year? Let us know in the comments. And remember, we’ve probably got a course to help.

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