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In the last decade, business has changed beyond recognition.

The Great Recession posed economic challenges to economies that are still present, 12 years later.

Meanwhile, the march of technology has revolutionised the way the world spends and works. And the climate crisis is forcing business to confront ongoing issues of sustainability.

It’s clear that keeping your professional skills ahead of the curve has never been more vital.  

With Unlimited – available for only £149 this February – you can explore the latest developments in the business landscape, learning at your own pace. 

Below are five of our favourite business and management courses for professionals looking to upskill and get ahead ➡️

Business Fundamentals: Effective Networking with The Open University

Anyone in business can tell you the importance of networking – it’s key to getting yourself out there, and furthering your career.

But what’s the best way to behave when networking? And how can you overcome any barriers you might face?

On this course, you’ll learn exactly how to pitch yourself to people you respect.

You’ll discover how to improve your interpersonal skills, how to use the internet to network effectively, and how to improve your personal brand.

Join this course if: you want to network with confidence. 

Fashion and Sustainability with the London College of Fashion

Fashion is a global industry worth $2.4 trillion, employing around 50 million people. It’s also one of the world’s most polluting sectors.

Explore how fashion can improve its carbon footprint, and develop a sustainable relationship to resources.

You’ll discover innovative approaches to creativity, reimagining what fashion can be in a world more conscious than ever of waste and pollution.

Join this course if: you’re ready to change the fashion industry for the better.

Organising for the Sustainable Development Goals with Hanken School of Economics

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been developed to tackle the unprecedented environmental and societal issues the planet faces as it moves deeper into the 21st century.

Discover the what, why, and how of the 17 SDGs and understand the key global challenges that remain as we work towards a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Join this course if: you want to know what business can do change to save the planet.

People Management Skills with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

Nailing the technical aspects of your job doesn’t mean managing people comes easy. Line managers play a critical role in organisations, from the day-to-day management of people to the implementation of company policy. 

Learn about best practice processes in recruitment and induction, identify market trends that will impact your organisation, and explore different management styles.

You’ll discover how to develop teams and individuals so that they’ll be happier and more productive at work. 

Join this course if: you’re looking to find and develop your own management style.

Management and Leadership with The Open University

Are you hoping to become a great manager? Maybe you already have a management role, but lack formal training?

This program will introduce you to the essential concepts behind management and leadership.

You’ll learn all about the different types of leadership, what makes a good manager, and how to get your team to flourish.

Join this course if: you want to become a truly inspiring leader. 

Business is changing. Go Unlimited to stay ahead of the pack and make real career progress. Explore our full range of business courses today.

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