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Meet the Companies: HVAC in a Hurry and Enable Quiz

Watch Alex Cowan introduce the companies that will be used as examples in this course.
We’re going to start going through specific examples and I have two companies that we’ll use as we do that. One’s an enterprise, it’s called HVAC In A Hurry, and the other one is a start up, it’s called Enable Quiz. And I’ll just give you an overview of these, you can read about them also in the course materials. HVAC in a Hurry is a franchise that fixes air-conditioning systems and heating systems. That’s what HVAC is. And there are three key personas. Trent the Technician, this is really the core of we’ll call them H-in-H’s business. They go out and they fix these things, so Trent’s a very pivotal figure.
Danielle deals with getting Trent prepared, and helping him go to the right place and dispatching him to jobs. And Frida the Facilities Manager is their typical customer. They mostly fix systems at businesses, and so Frida’s the one that’s typically hiring them and managing them. And their main problem area is that they want to build software for the field people that helps automate and standardize their work, so that they can scale the business more and increase its performance. And some of the problem scenarios that Trent the Technician has is he could be much more prepared he thinks, when he arrives at jobs.
It’s hard to get parts out to jobs and make sure that he can tell the customer when he’s going to be able to get a replacement part, and he doesn’t like being put into traffic and idling and wasting time, because he get’s paid by the hour that he’s on a job. Danielle the Dispatcher is constantly working with this jigsaw puzzle of getting people in the right place at the right time, it’s mostly a manual process. So HVAC in a Hurry is interested in the possibility of structuring and automating some of that with software.
And Frida the facilities manager feels like she’s telling a lot of people the same things and she’s often not clear on what she’s going to be charged, when she’s going to get parts, and when jobs are going to be done. So, it’s a nice set of problems for us to work on. Enable quiz are start up as if it’s in a totally different problem. They’re looking at the process that companies who hire engineers go through when they’re recruiting talent. And this is a key activity for such companies, and they’re specifically interested in how they pair technical skill sets that are required on a job with the interview process for candidates.
And we actually think that Enable Quiz, we can empower Helen, the HR Manager, to do a better job of screening candidates with a simple lightweight quizzing solution that allows the company to assess the candidate’s skill set, and that this is going to be better for Frank, the Functional Manager, who is actually hiring the employee, because he or she is always busy and they never enough time to interview. And it’ll be better for Ross, the recruit, because he wouldn’t end up at a job that he wouldn’t want to be at because it’s not a good fit, and the company will avoid wasting Ross’ time.
So the problem scenarios they’re interested in are letting Helen do a little bit more of the recruiting process, because Frank’s so busy and Helen would like to do more. Helping Frank spend more time with quality candidates, quality in the sense of just skill sets, so that he can go deeper with them and figure out who’s going to be a good fit on the team. And then finally Ross the recruit wants to put his best foot forward, but he also just wants a clear idea of what the job was going to be. So, we’re going to help all these people with enable quiz.
So, as we move forward here, I’m going to start showing you some specific examples of all the things we’ve been talking about, using these two example companies.
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