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Skit: From Problem Scenarios to Epic User Stories

Watch this skit to learn more on how to take problem scenarios to epic user stories.
So I think in this meeting we should finish the problem scenarios. >> Are you sure that’s really necessary? I mean, I think we already know what the techs need. >> So I think it’s important to get to the details, to have something testable downstream. Like a testable narrative. >> Okay, but how do we get started? >> So I was thinking, maybe we could draft them on the board. If you don’t mind, you could write, and then later on we could put them on post-it notes and share them with the team. >> Okay, that sounds great. >> So for the first one, maybe getting the techs everything they need.
>> Okay, getting techs everything they need.
>> Yes, so things like equipment, Access Code, stuff like that. >> All right, access codes, equipment.
I feel like there’s a lot of child’s errors for this one. >> Yes, so did dispatch get everything they need about the client? >> Well, a lot of time we don’t know everything about the customer. So this patch misses that. >> So maybe systematically collecting information about customer requests. >> Okay, systematically collecting info.
>> And then, also maybe saving customer profiles for future use. >> Okay.
Well, what about getting the work out of the techs being really difficult? >> Yeah, that’s true. So maybe something like reliably transmitting customer information to the techs. >> Okay, so reliable transmission.
>> Great, so I think maybe we should put these on a post it notes and then we can share it with the team and we can vote on them. >> Okay, that sounds great. >> Good.
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