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Skit: Storyboarding an Epic

Skit: Storyboarding an Epic
All right, so we have our epic story. As Trent the Tech I want to identify a part that needs replacing so that I can figure out my next steps. >> Sounds good. >> All right, so Trent needs to identify the part, and then figure out how to get it. And then his reward is that he figures out what he does next. >> Right. >> So let’s going ahead and story board this. >> Okay. So I think the place to start will probably be that Trent inspects the HVAC, and identifies that it needs a part to replace. >> Okay I’ll go ahead draw this, but do you mind flashing out the details on paper? >> Sure.
>> Okay so, out in the field I remember seeing a few things happened in here. So best case scenario, the port number is actually printed on the actual part. >> Okay. >> And then Trent knows what part he needs.
So if that’s not the case then he might check the reference documentation to see if he can figure it out.
>> Okay, what next? >> So then if he still can’t figure it out, I’ve actually seen him take pictures of the part with his phone. And text them to a colleague to see if he can get some help. >> Okay.
There is that. >> So then assuming that he figures out what part he needs, then he probably wants to know things like price availability, and whether or not there’s a contract with the customer that would require sign off. >> Okay. So price, an the availability, and customer contracts. >> Right. >> So, the logical next step would be to let the customer know about his needs.
All right. Let’s go ahead and flush out some child stories. >> Sounds good.
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