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Professor Dilip Nathwani’s summary

In this video Professor Nathwani summarises the first week of the course.
Well done, and congratulations on finishing the first week of this antimicrobial stewardship MOOC. At the beginning of the MOOC, we had a real-world outbreak of a multidrug-resistant infection and the clear impact that it had on the patient and the carers of the patient– the health care professionals involved in this patient’s care– as well as the impact on the organisation. In the second half of this first week of the MOOC, we learned about what resistance is, how resistance would have come about, the mechanisms of resistance, and importantly, the local and global impact of resistance. We briefly addressed some of the potential solutions that we’re addressing in combating resistance.
And what is at the heart of this MOOC is the strategy of antimicrobial stewardship. Therefore, it is my great pleasure to introduce week two, which will talk about what an antimicrobial stewardship programme is, who needs to be involved, as well as its potential implementation– and perhaps some examples– of its success in many health care settings. So once again, well done. Enjoy your small amount of your time off, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in week two.

In this video Professor Nathwani summarises the first week of the course.

Once you have watched this video you may wish to read or refer to the attached review of the “State of the World’s Antibiotics 2015” report published by the centre for disease dynamics, economics and policy, USA.

Further resources

All of the resources for this week and subsequent weeks have been logged on the BSAC resource platform, ARC.

These can be accessed here: ARC. For resources for this week search using MOOCWEEKONE or MOOCWEEK1

Learners are also invited to submit local resources that they wish to share with others and can do so by completing and submitting this form.

Public Health England have created an on-line resource called Health matters: public health issues.

“Health matters provides helpful resources on important public health challenges, including evidence based actions to address these problems.”

The section on antimicrobial resistance includes guidance, case studies and research and analysis around the topic and is updated on a monthly basis.

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