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Taking it further

Want to take your interest in data science further? In this step find out about various data science courses.
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If you are interested in taking your interest in data science further, you might consider one of Birkbeck’s or Coventry’s courses:

Birkbeck courses

You will receive an accredited qualification from the University of London, which can help you in upskilling in your current role, or a complete change of career. All Birkbeck courses have a part-time provision, often in the evening to enable you to fit in study around your work and family commitments:

PGCert in Applied Data Science:

The Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Data Science is a one year programme. It is an intensive course in applied data science for learners who wish to enhance their digital skills, including professionals across the cultural heritage, finance, banking, engineering, business, education, law, IT and management sectors.

MSc Applied Data Science:

As you have seen, data science is a relatively modern and fast-growing field which combines data analysis, statistics, and software engineering skills. It is a skill highly sought-after by employers as it can be used to gain valuable business insights.

The Birkbeck MSc in data science provides a strong technical grounding to enable you to work as a data scientist or analyst in industry. As well as gaining a broad knowledge of computing, you will acquire programming and data analysis skills using Python and R, two of the most popular programming languages used by data scientists. You will also have the opportunity to investigate certain areas of current research in data science more deeply.

Coventry University courses

MSc Data Science:

The Coventry University MSc Data Science is a conversion course for graduates from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds looking to pursue a career, or upskill, in this new and rapidly developing field. Data Scientists are in short supply and there is a high demand for data science skills across sectors including business, government, healthcare, science, finance, and marketing.

The MSc Data Science is designed to support students with little previous experience of data analysis or computer programming to gain new skills such as working with databases; statistical thinking; programming in high-level languages; modelling; applying data science tools and packages; machine learning; information retrieval; data visualisation; and addressing the challenges of big data.

MSc Data Science and Computational Intelligence:

This master’s course aims to respond to the demand for data scientists with the skills to develop innovative computational intelligence applications, capable of analysing large amounts of complex data to inform businesses decisions and market strategies.

Multidisciplinary content covers machine learning, neural networks, big data analysis, information retrieval, fuzzy systems and evolutionary computation. You will have opportunities to undertake practical projects, applying your learning to real-life problems in business, finance, security, industry control, engineering, natural language processing, information retrieval and bioinformatics.

Coventry University offers chances to learn alongside active researchers in areas such as pervasive computing, distributed computing and application, as well as innovative applications for interactive virtual worlds.

© Coventry University. CC BY-NC 4.0
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