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Meet the Team

This article introduces you to the educators who have contributed to this online course on Becoming a Dentist
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Before we begin the journey on our online course, let’s introduce you to the team who created the course and who will be on the journey with you. This course was created by experts who have more than 50 years experience in the dental field between them and extensive experience of the UK dental admissions process.

Educator profiles


Christine Goodall

Christine Goodall is a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Oral Surgery at the University of Glasgow. She works in the School of Medicine Dentistry and Nursing. Christine graduated from Glasgow Dental School in 1996. She worked in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for most of her early career before taking up her Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant post in 2008. She leads the BDS Admissions Team at the Dental School.
Image of Christine GoodallImage of Christine Goodall. (Source: University of Glasgow)

Jenna Wright

Jenna Wright is an Administrative Officer at the University of Glasgow in the School of Medicine Dentistry and Nursing. Jenna is also part of the BDS Admissions team and she takes a lead role in overseeing the admissions processes.

Image of Jenna WrightImage of Jenna Wright. (Source: University of Glasgow)

Patricia Hassan

Patricia Hassan is the BDS Admissions Secretary at the Dental School at the University of Glasgow. Tricia deals with all the admissions related enquiries and plans the admissions cycle each year, she is the first point of contact for all prospective students.

Image of Patricia HassanImage of Patricia Hassan. (Source: University of Glasgow)

Callum Wemyss

Callum Wemyss is a Specialty Registrar in Oral Surgery at Glasgow Dental Hospital. He is also an Honorary Clinical Teacher and is part of the BDS Admissions team. He graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2015. Image of Callum WemyssImage of Callum Wemyss. (Source: University of Glasgow)

Andrew Leitch

Andrew Leitch is a a General Dental Pracitioner and Vocational Training Adviser in Glasgow. He owns and runs a busy NHS dental practice in Glasgow. Andrew graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1996 and is part of the BDS Admissions team. image of Andrew LeitchImage of Andrew Leitch. (Source: University of Glasgow)

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Becoming a Dentist

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