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Piece good buyer

A piece goods buyer works for a company that uses textiles in the production of its final products. Find out more in this article.

The piece goods buyer works for a company that uses textiles in the production of its final products.

This can be an apparel company, a home furnishings firm, an automotive manufacturer, or an accessories producer.

The responsibilities of a piece goods buyer include the following:

  • shopping for textile supplies at trade markets and through textile manufacturers’ representatives
  • planning the amount of fabric, referred to as yardage, to purchase from various sources or determine from which vendors the piece goods will be purchased and communicating with these vendors
  • coordinating with production managers who advise on the delivery status of purchase orders. A purchase order (PO) is a contract for merchandise between buyers, as representatives of their firms, and vendors
  • communicating with accounts payable on payments and financing, including proof of payments, wire transfers, and letters of credit; a letter of credit is a document issued by a bank authorizing the bearer to draw a specific amount of money from the issuing bank, its branches, or associated banks and agencies. It allows importers to offer secure terms to exporters
  • work with warehouse managers on inventory management, such as availability and accessibility of fabrics
  • monitoring quality control by inspecting shipments and dealing with chargebacks, credits for damaged merchandise and returns on defective goods.

a lady looking at examples of fabrics and textiles from various swatches on display. There are three other people gathered around a table also looking at textile samples.

A piece goods buyer for an apparel manufacturer shops for textiles at trade markets and textile manufacturers’ showrooms.

An assistant piece goods buyer often works with the piece goods buyer to accomplish this long list of responsibilities and as training for the position of piece goods buyer in the future.


A career as a piece goods buyer requires the following qualifications:


A bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising, fashion design, textiles, or a related field is a minimum requirement.


Many piece goods buyers are promoted from the position of assistant piece goods buyer; others move into piece goods buying from the textile design track or the merchandising career path.

Personal characteristics

A piece goods buyer has excellent quantitative skills, which are needed for calculating the cost of goods, delivery expenses, and yardage amounts. This person must be able to work effectively under pressure, have excellent follow-up and communication skills, and be a successful negotiator.

In the next step, we will learn more about the responsibilities of the findings and/or trimmings buyer.

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