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Welcome to the course

A short welcome video from our music therapists Jenny and Janet, who will be taking you through this course.
Hi, I’m Janet. And I’m Jenny. And we’re going to be your trainers on the course. Welcome. This is caring with music, how everyone can make music work within their adult care setting. On this course, we want to share lots of ideas and inspiration for ways that you can harness the power of music to help in your daily working lives. You might be a carer in a care home, a nurse in a rehabilitation centre, or someone with a caring role in your family. Whatever your background, you can all bring more music into your setting and see the benefits of doing so.
We hope that by the end of this course, you will feel confident to bring more music into the lives of the people you support in your care setting. Please be assured you don’t have to be a trained musician to make music work. You are musical, and we look forward to having you on the course. You might be wondering who we are. Well, Janet and I are both music therapists with Nordoff Robbins, which is the Uk’s largest music therapy charity. We’re really excited to share some elements of our practise and our training with you and help you to use music in your setting. Over the next six weeks we’re going to look at lots of different aspects of using music.
We’re going to look at ways of listening musically, using your voice and songs, using instruments, and looking at different ways that you can embed music-making into daily life at your care setting. At the end of each week, there will be a task for you to take away what you’ve learned and try out some of the ideas using your expertise in your setting to adapt them as necessary. This first week, we’re going to be looking at music in general and thinking about why it is such a powerful tool. So let’s get started.

We are delighted to welcome you to the course!

How can you make music ‘work’ for the people you support within adult care settings?

Our educators Janet and Jenny are Nordoff Robbins music therapists who regularly use music in a range of different care settings.

To begin, watch this video of Janet and Jenny introducing themselves and welcoming you to the course.

This course will be partially facilitated. The learning is focused around conversation and you are encouraged to support other learners, share your own experience and knowledge, and listen to new perspectives. We will be checking in on the comments sections and will be adding our thoughts and drawing out ideas which you have added on a regular basis.

This is a global course, available to learners around the world. Your insights and experiences will bring interesting discussion, so make sure to use the comments section throughout the course.

As you finish each step, remember to click the ‘Mark as Complete’ button below the text to keep track of your progress throughout the course.

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Caring with Music: Can Music Do More In Adult Care Settings?

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