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Sleep: What the children have to say

Here's what children have to say about sleep
Yeah, sometimes I like going to sleep but it just takes a long time for me to get to sleep. But I don’t like night. You don’t like night? No, I only like morning. I go to sleep in my mum and my dad’s bed and sometimes my bed. And early in the morning, I go to play with my baby sister. Normally I have a story. That’s it. I’m awake. Reading a book. My mommy sometimes sings to me and my mommy sometimes reads me bedtime stories to help me go to sleep.
I go to sleep normally at night. I would usually just start having dreams. Like while I’m awake I will just think about things. And when I think about really happy things I just fall to sleep. Mommy reads a book. Well, good. But sometimes she doesn’t. I just get tired and go to sleep. When I don’t get enough sleep– my mum says if you don’t get enough sleep, when you wake up in the morning you’re grumpy. And you get ulcers in your mouth.
I’ll probably get sick.

Here’s what children have to say about sleep…

Conversation starter

Watch the above video and consider the following questions in your comments.

  • What factors might be influencing children’s ideas and feelings about sleep?
  • How important is sleep in fighting childhood obesity?
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