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The weather game

Join in with this weather game from where ever you are in the world.
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We’d like you to have a go at trying to predict the weather in our weather game. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about forecasting the weather yet! Why not take the opportunity to make a forecast before you start each week of the course? Hopefully, as your understanding of the processes governing the weather improves, you’ll be able to make a more educated guess and see your score improve.

All the instructions are here as well as tips and questions you might ask yourself. Note that you don’t have to be an expert to do well at this game! Make sure you submit your answers by 19:00 London Time on Fridays.

Good Luck!

Some background information

What is relative humidity? This is a measure of how much water vapour (gas) is in the air, with 0% indicating that the air is completely dry and 100% being the level at which cloud droplets will start forming (assuming there are cloud condensation nuclei present, for the droplets to condense on to). Water condenses more easily in cold air than in warm air, so the actual amount (or absolute humidity) of water vapour in cold air with a relative humidity of, say, 70%, is less than the actual amount of water vapour in warmer air with a relative humidity of 70%.

In the UK, the relative humidity is usually over 50%. If its been raining recently, you would expect it to be over 90%.

What is UTC? UTC or Coordinated Universal Time is the precisely defined, world standard time. Please note you will see that time is measured as UTC on the Met Office website. For our purposes, it is the same as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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Come Rain or Shine: Understanding the Weather

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