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Additional exercise: Body scan meditation

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We’re going to practice another mindfulness exercise, using a body scan technique. So I’ll show how it’s done, and Paul will help guide us through. Let’s do the same thing. We will shake our arms out, get really comfortable, relaxed, set up straight. You can roll your shoulders back and forwards. Top your feet on the ground. Your hands on your thighs if that feels good again. If you feel comfortable, you can shut your eyes or just have you gaze down at the floor. Take a deep breath.
We’re going to start from your head. So really focus your attention on your head. Maybe your forehead.
And really be aware is there any tension in your forehead? Does it feel heavy? Maybe you’ve had a long day. Just be aware of what that sensation is. And continue to breathe.
Let’s move down to your jaw. Again, is there any tension that you’re holding in your jaw?
Let’s move your breath down to your shoulders. What sensation do you feel in your shoulders right now?
Be really aware of any tingling. Any muscle pain. Just to continue to send oxygen to that place.
And then move down to your chest. Again, are there any tensions that you’re feeling? Be mindful of the oxygen. As it moves through your lungs.
We will go down to your left arm. And really imagine your breath, that oxygen flowing to these parts of the body.
Again, be mindful what is sensations that you’re feeling. Maybe some tingling in your fingers.
Let’s go down to the right arm. Maybe this side feels different for you. You might be right hand dominated so it feels, If you worked all day, you can have some tension. Just continue sending oxygen there, through your breath.
Now we’ll go down to your belly. You can almost imagine your stomach, maybe you just ate so you can feel your digestive system.
Be aware of what that feels like in your stomach, with your body, what sensations are going on?
Continue to send oxygen.
Now, bring that awareness to your lower back. We often hold a lot of tension in our lower back, so you might feel some strain. Also, a lot of your vital organs, your kidneys, our house there. Be really aware of any sensation that you’re feeling.
Then move down to your right leg.Sent oxygen to that place.
Be really mindful about our legs. They really move us and ensure that we can get from one place to the other. This really large muscle groups in our legs. So focus on any of those sensations. Any tingling that you’re feeling?
Go down to your right foot. Continue to breathe.
Let’s go up through the pelvis. And spend some breath there. As you’re sitting, be mindful of what that feels like right now in your body. There is any stress or pain? Just continue to send oxygen there.
We will go down your left leg. Down to your left foot
Doing this exercise, be aware of any sensations, any feelings. Any thoughts that come up?
A great opportunity to thank your body for the hard work that it does, for getting you up in the morning for making sure that you stay alert throughout the day.
So take a few more breaths, to come out of this exercise. You can flutter your eyes open. Take a few deep breaths. You can even just do some stretches. That was probably really relaxing on your body. Just bring yourself back into a state of awareness.
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