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Childhood play experiences – Take aways

In this short video you'll be reflecting on your play exercise together with Carly, Bo and Paul.
Alright, I’m done. Is everybody else done alright, so let’s let’s share what we’ve built and the words that came to mind. So for example. For me, my playful childhood experiences building sandcastles with my dad on summer holiday and when we build sandcastles, we used to come together with the plan. So used to plan. We used to try things out together. We used to have some failures, we would have to figure out together without getting upset. How do we make things better? And really, it was all about problem solving together. So interacting socially together and that was one of my favorite childhood memories. Carly, you had some awesome stuff that you picked out. What were your childhood memory?
OK, I built the memory of playing farm with my sisters and my brother in our backyard. We had all this onion grass. This really tall smelly grass. That would grow everywhere and we had this game where we would collect all the grass and then bring it up into our swing set and then organize it high up in the swing set and we would play for so long and we took it so seriously that we would forget about time we would forget to eat. My parents would have to call us in when it got dark. We were just so invested and so engaged in the act of farming that we forgot about the world around us.
Also I actually come from a family of farmers but. We’re mushroom farmers, so we always felt like this was our version of what my dad did every day, so it was it was meaningful to us to be able to play at something similar to what my dad was doing when he was at work, but it was like our own cool version of it. And obviously, as you can see, it was really fun things. Carly, Bo… What about you? What do you have there? I build a tree because I grew up in a forest and one of the fantastic things I really enjoyed doing was to explore the forest and environment around me. And I remember particular one thing.
It was a huge tree with a really wanted to climb. So you know I was making my way up to the tree here, but then suddenly it began to rain so the tree becomes completely slippery and I couldn’t get down. But I actually would became a little darker and so forth. I have to find a way down so I gradually just began climbing down, finding my feeds, and testing out how I could get down and got back home. What I learned is you know, next time I brought a friend.
So as Bo and Paul and I were describing our childhood memories, you may have noticed that some of the same words came up for us as we were describing these moments of play. You’re going to have a chance to describe and share your moment of play and see if there are similar words within our learning community that come up for all of us.

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Coping with Changes: Social-Emotional Learning Through Play

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