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Physiotherapy: Mobilisation

Physiotherapy: mobilisation video demonstration
Good afternoon, Michelle. My name’s Rhea and I’m from the physiotherapy team. And I’ve come to see you today just to help you get up, and do a little bit of walking. OK. Does that sound OK? Yeah, that sounds good. Do you normally use anything to walk? No. No. And are you normally quite a fit and active? Yes. And how is your pain today? It’s fine. It’s not too bad. Yeah? All right, if you were to give it a number, if 0 is no pain whatsoever, and 10 is the worst pain you’ve ever had, what would you give it today? A three. A three, OK.
Just since this is the first time that you’re getting up, we brought a Zimmer frame, just to give you a little bit of support. But we’ll take it nice and slow. OK. I’m just going to disconnect this before you get up.
And I’ll switch sides with Rowan so she can help with the– She’ll bring the stand along with us. OK. So, getting up, what we’re going to do is just move to the front of the chair. And then keeping your hands on the chair, you’re going to push up and come to standing. OK. Great, OK. Hands on to the frame. How are you feeling standing there? Good. Any lightheadedness or dizziness. No, I’m fine. No? And how is your pain? It’s about the same. About the same. Yeah. OK. So, before we go anywhere, we’re just going to start with a little march on the spot. OK. OK, fantastic. And now we’re just going to walk.
We’re going to do a circle like that, and circle back to the chair again. OK. OK. The Zimmer frame, you’re just going to push it like a shopping trolley. OK. All right.
Great, just taking your time for me. Good, and you’ll circle and come back again.
Good. And then we’ll come back to the chair. OK.
You might circle around that way. All right.
OK, and stepping back to the chair. And before you sit down just reach your hands back. Yes. Then just sit back. OK. And then we’ll just reconnect your monitors of your heart rate and your blood pressure, and see how everything is after getting up. OK, thanks very much.
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