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West Lake cultural landscape (2)

West Lake cultural landscape
The ten pointed named places as defined in the nomination document have several characteristics 1)viewing places and scopes of sights chosen by painters for over 10 centuries; 2)a stele with the name of the place inscribed on it following the emperors’ calligraphy of the 18th century and sheltered by a pavilion, serving as the mark of the place; you can see this image,it is old painting 3)a four-character poetic name given by poets to the place which has passed down for over 10 centuries; 4)historic sites, cultural relics, characteristic plants and natural views within the specific scopes of the place that are directly associated to the name of the place; 5)Famous literature, historic and artistic works, stories of associated historical figures, as inspired by the place, as well as the spiritual and emotional bonds of traditional Chinese culture these works and stories represent.
Based on poets’ ‘aesthetic perception of natural landscape, especially famous scenic places, and on the ideas or feelings he intends to engender, a painter composes a work to capture the scenery of WestLake,the specific conception; then a poet gives the incredible scenery, then a poet gives the incredible scenery, a four-character poetic name according to the aesthetic features of the paintings.
And this is a painting and category (9:38)to describe these ten pointing named place.
And you can see that one of the important place we call Duanqiaocanxue you know ‘scenic place with a 4-character poetic name’ came into being and finally viewers form a landscape unit out of the scenery represented by the painting and finally viewers form a landscape unit out of the scenery represented by the painting This is a painting from the Ming dynasty. And this one is from the southern Song dynasty , also means the feeling from the painters, their understand of the West lake. The west lake also processed of profound patriot element such as Yuefei, he was a military general who lived in the southern Song dynasty. He is widely seen as a hero and national Hero in China.
And also there is a story about the white snake also well known by all the Chinese. So when I interview peoples in china, so many of them mention about the one to meet her husband or her wife, like the white snake stories. It is very romantic.
These are another cultural elements around West lake is a leaning temple with the grades, you know the budda curbing in day back to a thousand five hundred years old, and also the temple I called the leaning temple。
In June two thousand eleven, West lake listed on the World Heritage List based on the value criteria at two, three, and six. But I I shall review the West lake application text was nominate the three, four, five, and six. However, the four and five were were rejected by the ignores. The reason is that actually some ignored expert do not understand the essential of the Chinese values.
So this is some reference. If you interested in the cultural landscape, you can review those documents. And so in this three section actually we talk about the important meaning of cultural landscape. And it is very important to bring the notion of the combination of nature and culture. And the next section, I’m going to talk about another important issue of culture heritage such as cultural roots and canals in this section and the period two section, we talk about essential issue about cultural landscape and give some examples. Because I use three sections to talk about cultural landscape because it is very important. In china, it is talk about the culture natural integrations.
However, the international authorities did not yet fully understand Chinese sense of the culture and natural integrations. This is why needs Chinese gonna to put forward to do civil research from the a bottle of system to fully understand the Chinese sense of culture and natural integrations In this section and the period two sections we use three sections to talk about essential issue about cultural landscape. because it is very important in Chinese context and some of the value can not understandable by the western examiners and western expert. So more research need to be done from bottom up from locals for tourist points of view to understand the full meaning about the culture and natural integrations in the eastern context. Thank you

In this video, Dr. Zhang continued to introduce the case of West Lake cultural landscape.

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