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Data communication and visualisation in Tableau

Today one of the fastest evolving business intelligence (BI) and data visualisation tools is Tableau. The rising demand for big data and growing public awareness has made data visualisation a need for today!

Tableau is a data visualisation tool that presents a variety of information into visuals. It helps you master valuable techniques for utilising advanced calculations to solve challenging problems, and helps to communicate complex ideas. Even the most complex data visualisation can be done in Tableau by an appropriate understanding of the tools and how they function, and by exploring the possibilities.

Get equipped with the skills your industry demands!

Learn the art of presenting data in a meaningful and concise manner. It is imperative in any industry these days to work around data. Therefore, having the skills to combine data and present your story in the best possible way is essential and impressive. Moreover, creating and designing visualisation for the intended audience is an art, which requires examination and analysis of data. Learning to work on Tableau helps in getting work smoothly done!

Relevant skills you develop would include:

  • storyboarding
  • data mapping
  • create charts, histogram, and plots
  • Tableau software
  • visual analytics
  • data visualisation
  • data analysis
  • building dashboards
  • analysis of the audience
  • techniques for compelling storytelling
  • communication framework
  • interactive visualisations.

Leaders of the industry!

Tableau has been a leader in data visualisation for seven years now. It has proven as the most efficient data visualisation software among professionals. It has helped almost 86,000 organisations around the globe to work with their data effectively using Tableau.

Read through the article to understand why Tableau is considered best in the industry:

Read: Tableau: 7 years a Leader! [1]

There are leaders of the technology industry who swear by Tableau for data visualisation. Let’s get some inspiration from them and read the article.

Read: Marketing leaders make data-driven decisions with Tableau [2]

Read: Data Storytelling: Using visualization to share the human impact of numbers [3]

Read: The importance of data storytelling in the next decade of data [4]

Other courses

Apart from data visualisation, there are other additional courses you might like to read about, like Tableau, which refines the data visualisation skills, which is an important skill today. Similarly, there are other courses that add up to analytical skills and help in organising your work in a more efficient manner.

Some of the courses you might want to consider:

  • Python
  • Data science
  • Data and business communication
  • Digital marketing
  • Business analytics

Why pursue a career in data visualisation?

You must pursue a career in data visualisation if you are someone who enjoys working on tasks which involve critical thinking and problem-solving skills. If you work as a data visualisation specialist, then you must have to pay close attention to details. People working as a data analyst love to analyse databases and working on computers. By earning a degree or certificate in data visualisation, you can develop skills like analysis, management, and design expertise which is required to translate complex data sets into comprehendible visual representations.

Start your career after completing data visualisation degree as:

  • Data analyst
  • Data visualisation specialist
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Scientist

Data visualisation careers tend to come with high salaries. These specialists often can work from home, and also benefit from opportunities available across many different industries. In general, employers look for data visualisation professionals who regularly increase their skills and knowledge in the field. Get an understanding of their salary from the table below:

Job Title Salary Range
Data Analyst $55,000 – $68,370 USD
Data Visualisation Specialist $77,000 – $104,000 USD
Business Intelligence Analyst $59,090 – $77,770 USD
Data Scientist $85,450 – $108,710 USD
Design Analyst $40,000 – $70,200 USD
Data Communication Analyst $59,090 – $111,130 USD

What are you excited about?


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