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Complete your Profile of COL_20

Complete your profile of COL_20
© University of Reading and Colchester Museum

Throughout this course you’ve been unlocking the secrets behind COL_20, one of the 22 cremations from Roman cemeteries around Colchester selected by our research team.

You’ve watched Carolina and Emily discuss how we can use osteological evidence to build a picture of an individual but it’s only by combining this with archeological evidence such as grave goods and our previous research that we can paint a much more nuanced and interesting picture of the people of Roman Britain.

As archaeologists, we need to use the available evidence and our best knowledge to piece together a story of an individual and there will be elements open to interpretation where we need to take an educated guess.

Complete your Profile using the evidence gathered by the experts on this course and your own research and judgements. You can upload a picture of your Profile to this Padlet Wall (This link will take you to Padlet, a third party site. You don’t need to register in order to post your picture).

Our work is never done. New research techniques are constantly being developed and improved. It’s important that collections such as the cremated remains in Colchester Museum are recorded and stored appropriately so that we can continue to unlock the secrets of our ancestors in the future.

What further details would you want to know to build a more complete picture of COL_20?

Course Tip

Remember to download the COL_20: Profile of an individual PDF before filling it in as, if you fill it in online, your changes won’t be saved.

© University of Reading and Colchester Museum
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Dead Interesting: Uncovering Roman Britain in Old Museum Collections

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