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Order the words and phrases

What is the order of words in a sentence?
This article provides practice with ordering words, including academic words, to make sentences.
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  1. the wild party, / After / fix / we had to / the consequent damage. /
  2. web site; / it’s cool! / this new / Check out /
  3. is / the normal / How long /working day / in your country?
  4. stop. / I consume / too much / so I’d better / alcohol, /
  5. If you don’t / that will affect / come to class, / your exam results. /
  6. pays the bill. / It’s a tradition / the oldest person / that /
  7. Our teacher / is / very good at / explaining / complex issues. /
  8. Smoking is / of lung cancer. / a primary cause /
  9. is / to secure / a good exam result / The best way / to study hard. /
  10. The web site’s / it’s easy / to use. / is that / best feature /
  11. to find out / We should survey / all the students / what they want. /
  12. previous / What / your / job? / was /
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