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Day 1 audio – 12 words

What are some examples of academic vocabulary words?
In this article we introduce 12 academic vocabulary words in context and through audio.

Below are 12 audio recordings – one for every new word you will learn today. In each recording, you will hear a headword from the sublist pronounced on its own as well as in a sentence.

Listen to the word and the sentence.

  • Listen as many times as you would like.

Learn the definition.

  • Writing it down in a vocabulary journal is a great idea.

Listen again and repeat the word and the sentence.

  • Focus on linking, word and sentence stress, and intonation.

Record yourself saying the word and the sentence.

  • Play back your recording and compare it to the model.

analyse We need to carefully analyse the results of our research. (analyse = to think carefully about something)

economy The economy will grow by 3% this year. (economy = a country’s system of production and use)

income I was on a very low income when I started. (income = money you get from working)

issue The economy was the number one issue in the election. (issue = a problem for discussion)

method One method of increasing your income is to get a second job. (method = a way of doing something)

policy The government is in charge of economic policy. (policy = an agreed way to do something)

process We are in the process of moving house. (process = a series of actions)

require This problem requires a great deal of research. (require = need)

research This issue requires a lot more research. (research = a careful study or investigation in order to discover new information)

section I always read the sports section of the newspaper first. (section = a part of something)

structure The structure of your essay should be clear: beginning, middle, and end. (structure = an outline or how something is organised)

vary In Spring, the weather can vary a lot. (vary = change)

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