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Interacting with your peers

In this step, the benefits of interacting with your peers throughout this course are explained.

As you move through this course, I encourage you to keep interacting with your fellow learners. You can do this by:

  • following each other’s profiles
  • leaving responses in the comments sections of each Step (there will be prompts to do this under the ‘Discussion’ section at the bottom of majority of the Steps)
  • replying to/liking your fellow peer’s comments to get a conversation flowing!

I will also be replying and leaving comments too, so keep an eye out for my inputs!

The most interesting comments that learners add will get pinned, meaning that they are deemed highly thought provoking or contain an input that is beneficial to the rest of the learners on this course. These can be found under the ‘pinned’ filter in the comments section.


When you see a ‘Discussion’ section like this (found at the bottom of the majority of steps in this course), there will be a prompt for you to respond in the comments section. This is not obligatory however, it means that you get to connect with other leaners who are also on the same curiosity path and it creates for a more compelling learning journey!
So let’s try this out.
Firstly, in the comments section below, tell me: if you could ask your peers one question, what would you ask them?
Secondarily, feel free to post a little about yourself and your background. Reply to other learner’s comments in order to initiate conversations and ask each other questions.. this is, after all, a form of curiosity!
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