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Summary week 1

Summary of the content of week 1
Congratulations, you have just completed week 1!
The aim of this week was to first give you all the fundamentals you need to know for successful understanding of the subsequent in-depth videos about drying and encapsulation. The main focus here was on moisture in food materials and on heat transfer. In the beginning of week 2, this will be completed by the fundamentals of mass transfer.
The week started with the moisture content of food materials. In these sessions you learned about the average moisture content in food materials and how to link this to the water activity by using the sorption isotherm. Also it was covered how the reaction rate -of e.g. microbiological growth and lipid oxidation- is linked to this water activity.
As the moisture, removed from the product, is transported into the surrounding air, the following chapter was on moist air. Here you learned about the relative and absolute moisture and how to use the Mollier diagram. Also the drying rate curve and different stages of drying were covered.
Finally, the week closed with the fundamentals of heat transfer. The different heat transfer mechanisms- convection, conduction and radiation were covered.
In the next week, you will see how these are applied in different dryers. This knowledge will allow you to predict and modify the drying process.
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Drying and Encapsulation of Food Ingredients in Powder Form

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