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Welcome to week 2

Find out what we will be learning on Week 2 of the course. Astronomy and Space Physics: Teaching Secondary Science.
We hope you enjoyed week one. Welcome to week two. In this second week, we’ll dive into some of the tricky astronomy and space physics topics that arise in the UK secondary science curriculum. We’ll cover topics like the seasons, light and the electromagnetic spectrum, and even stellar evolution - providing you with resources and fact files, as well as dispelling common misconceptions along the way. We’ll also look at ways of developing those ‘working scientifically’ skills in your students, and share ideas of how to deal with difficult questions. This week is about giving you the tools to teach space science with confidence.
In week two, we’ll provide a space for you to share your demonstration ideas, lesson plans, and resources via a digital pinboard. And we encourage you to share your experiences and get involved in the discussions. Let us help you build your teaching toolbox so you feel more prepared and ready to inspire your students with out-of-this-world science lessons.

In Week 2, we’ll be providing you with opportunities to consolidate your knowledge and resources to use in the classroom for astronomy and space physics topics covered at Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Post-16 level.

We’ll explain tricky topics like the seasons, gravity, light and stellar evolution, highlight common misconceptions, and look at ways in which you can extend and develop the working scientifically skills of your students in your lessons.

The aim of this week is to give you the knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to plan and teach effective science lessons that leave your students anticipating their next lesson with excitement.

Ready… set… let’s dive in!

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Physics, Astronomy, and Space: Teaching Secondary Science

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