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Climate action


13. Climate Action

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Climate action is a major goal for any organisation to achieve. It involves a lot of smaller, or micro steps in order to influence the climate. Some of these goals have already been discussed, and many more will also address this huge goal, but some of the more visible achievements are mentioned here:

In 2021, the University achieved a reduction in its total carbon footprint by 33%. The University also has the target to be more than 20% more energy efficient by 2025, and to be 100% renewable by 2030!

As has already been outlined, the University continually encourages sustainable transport choices, such as providing staff shuttles, electric car fast chargers around campus, as well as other incentives, such as e-bike hubs, ride shares, etc.

Woman leaving a shuttle bus

The University also closely researches climate change, in order to avoid natural disasters caused by climate change. A Civil Defence Emergency Management group predicts how emergencies will be handled, or managed; who will do what, when, where, how, etc.

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How do you get to your work/place of study? Is it sustainable? How? What could you do to make your commute more sustainable?

Dr Michael Pryde riding a double bicycle with a woman

ANSWER: I get to my work by a tandem bicycle. Firstly, I pick up my partner and then we both ride to her workplace. She gets off and I ride by myself to my workplace. At the end of the day I ride to my partner’s workplace, pick her up and then we both ride back home. We love riding our tandem because it’s healthy, costs no money, easy to park, and best of all, we get to spend time with eachother! I think this is a very sustainable way to commute, but sometimes it gets cold in winter; especially on my fingers!

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