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Using technology to plan lessons

watch video of using technology to plan lessons
You’re going to watch a video of a teacher using an activity to practise past simple, which she found using technology, although she doesn’t use technology in the classroom. The activity comes from a teaching website. You can find the link below. What about you? How would you help your learners to practise activity verbs in the past tense? Would you use technology to do this? How do you use technology to plan your lessons? Right. But before we play the game, you need to make a dice, to play a game with that dice. Right. You have this dice that is not cut, each one of you, a pair of scissors, and a print on your table.
So you are going to make up your own dice.
Like this, boys and girls. Make sure that you cut on the line.
Once you dice is cut, you will have something like this, all of us, with six faces. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, isn’t it? We all have something like this. So to put your dice together, you must fold. Can you see where it’s written, glue here? Can we all see that? You all have this on your dice, isn’t it? Then, you are going to fold it in. You fold in where it says glue in.
Tell me, what can you do? Speak louder, Nicole. I can sing
Nicole? What can you do? I can sing You can sing. Thank you. Sit down.
You are going to write the action words on the six faces of the dice.
One face you write sing. Nicole said ‘I can sing’. So you will write sing. How many faces will be left when you have written ‘sing’ on one face? Five. Now, on the other five faces, you are going to write anything that you can do, any action word that you like.
Nicole, come to the front with your dice.
[? Mulifi, ?] come to the front with your dice.
Boys and girls, I’m going to show you how to play the game.
What did you do? I sang. Throw the dice again, Nicole. Read.
What did you do? I read. I read.
So all of you, you’re going to do the same, like [? Mulifi ?] and Nicole.

Using technology doesn’t mean that you have to have a fully-equipped classroom. You can use the technology you have access to outside of class to help you to plan lessons.

Watch the video of a teacher demonstrating a consolidation activity. For this activity, the teacher downloaded a dice template as part of her planning. In the class, her learners create their own dice for the speaking activity, which aims to practise activity verbs and the past simple tense.

  • How do you use technology to plan lessons?
  • How would you help your learners to practise activity verbs and the past tense? Would you use technology to do this?

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Download the steps for this activity by clicking on the link below.

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