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Welcome to everything you need to know about  vehicle-to-grid charging. My name is Greg Payne and  
I’m a Senior Technical Specialist here at Cenex.  This course is about vehicle-to-grid charging: how   it works and what it can do. So whether you’re  already a professional in the energy, transport   or smart grid industry or if you would like to  be in the future then this course is for you.   Equally you may be in education or academia or  just have a personal interest in this area in   which case welcome. Those completing this course  will learn what V2G is, how it works, what it can do   and why it’s important.
They will also learn  the current barriers to V2G, where the emerging   opportunities lie and the likely time scales for  the technology to achieve the commercial maturity.   In order to get the best from this course  it’s good to have a basic understanding   of electric vehicles and electric vehicle  supply equipment but the main thing is just   a willingness to learn about this exciting  area of development. The course is split into  
three weeks: in the first week we’ll look at what  V2G is, how it developed and why it’s important   and how it works. In the second week we’ll give  you a broader context around V2G and also look   at the different value propositions for V2G. Then in week 3 we cover some V2G case studies   take a look at the outlook for V2G, the barriers  and hear from those making a business out of V2G. So welcome along and I wish you the  best with your learning journey with us.

This course is unfacilitated, so you won’t see the course team in the comments. Instead there is space for you to work with other learners. The comments section is a rich source of extra learning beyond the steps, so don’t forget to make the most of them.

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Vehicle-to-Grid Charging for Electric Cars

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