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Helping learners with grammar

Teachers talking about helping grammar
One of our teachers - he always makes a game that you have to do. He gets a noun and you make it an adverb or different ones. And I like it because when you have it correct, you can leave the class early. So you always participate and you’re learning without really - like you’re playing a game so it’s fun learning. I like that most. There’s something that we call again in the teaching jargon the guided discovery where the student first have to do an exercise, and then they get to understand and find the rule by themselves, and then practise.
I think that’s a good way to bring grammar into the lesson, to let them discover the rule without saying today we’re going to do grammar and this is the rule and you have to learn it. I think guided discovery is probably for me, the best way to bring grammar into the picture.

In the previous step you posted your ideas of ways we can help learners improve their grammar. Watch the video of a teacher and a learner giving their ideas on helping learners and think about which ideas you think would be most effective. Do their ideas match yours?


Choose one idea to comment on in the comments section. Say why you think this suggestion would be effective.

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