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What do you think of these?

Choose an online resource and post it on pinterest/padlet
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There are a great many resources available on the internet. Here is a list of websites with resources for teachers and learners. We’d like you to choose one which you think looks interesting, to investigate it and report back in the next step.
  • First choose a link from the list below and go to the page.
  • Try some of the activities you find there to establish what the resource is for and what it’s like.
  • Think about what’s good about the resource and about any possible disadvantages.
  • To open a link in a new tab, hold ‘Ctrl’ (or ‘Command on a Mac) when you click it.
    www.breakingnewsenglish.com – interactive and printable English lessons
    News Report – lessons using BBC reports
    tedxesl.com – lessons based around Ted Talks
    dictionary.cambridge.org – online dictionary
    www.esl-lab.com– conversations with adult and children’s voices
    www.esl-lab.com – video snapshots for ESL/EFL students
    www.voki.com – create speaking characters to communicate with friends
    www.dvolver.com – make a movie
    www.engvid.com – English video lessons
    www.lyricstraining.com – learn through music and the lyrics of songs
    www.quizlet.com – free study tools
    www.listen-and-write.com – a dictation tool
    www.makebeliefscomix.com – make your own comic
    storybird.com – make your own story
    Please note that any external links in this step will take you to third party websites which may ask you for personal details. Please read this part of our Privacy Policy for more information.
    © UCLES 2018
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