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A visit to the Lake District

Richard visits the Lake District and takes a boat tour.
RICHARD: There are 15 national parks in Great Britain, and one of the most beautiful is here in the Lake District. It’s the second largest national park in Britain and is full of scenic mountains and picturesque lakes.
In the heart of the Lake District is Lake Windermere - the largest natural lake in England. It’s over 18km long and around 66m deep - so it’s fairly easy to find! This area is said to be one of the most beautiful in Great Britain. In the past, boats transported slate, timber and wool across the lake, and fishing was really important here. Hiya. One ticket for the Windermere Lake cruise, please.
RICHARD: Hello, Jacqui.
JACQUI: Hello, Richard.
RICHARD: Jacqui O’Connor of Lake Windermere Cruises is giving me a private tour of the lake. Jacqui, this is lovely. How many people choose to see the lakes like this every year?
JACQUI: Richard, we carry on average 1.35 million passengers on our boats.
RICHARD: And why do you think so many people find this area appealing?
JACQUI: Oh, I think basically all you have to do is to look around you. Look at this absolutely stunning scenery. It’s absolutely beautiful. They come to get away, to enjoy peace and tranquility, to come to have a look at the nature. It’s also, Windermere Lake Cruises is one of the top tourist attractions in the north-west of England so when you come to this area, come and cruise on the lake, definitely - it must be done!
RICHARD: And you obviously love coming out here and love being part of all of this?
JACQUI: I do. It’s fantastic. It’s just a beautiful area to live. Really nice, lovely, friendly, peaceful. It’s great.

Watch the short film of Richard visiting the Lake District.

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