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It’s only together that we move forward

It's only together that we move forward, this video introduces the course on body neutrality and body image.
What do we mean by woman, man, big, thick, small, or thin? Why do we suffer in self shame to conform to these labels? Why do we crave to be accepted, to be loved by others? And when do we finally become who we are truly meant to be?
I’m Jameela Jamil, presenter, actor, writer, speaker, activist, and above all one who every day strives to accept and love myself for who I am, and all that I stand for. I grew up in London, a place possibly no different to where you’re from, with very fixed norms and notions of what it is to be beautiful and how I should express myself. I’m very much so still on the journey of learning how to do what I please and how to be the real me. Across the world in your everyday life, maybe you’ve been pointed at when you are not a match to the established ideas of the beautiful body.
But it’s time for you and me to push back, make our statement, and state our position as a community. We need each other because it’s only together that we can change the world and move forward. And this is why I have teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger to produce this course on exploring body neutrality and challenging body image stereotypes. Tommy has been at the forefront of fashion and lifestyle for several decades, all the while supporting the current theme surrounding identity and body acceptance whilst also funding various projects and social activism around the world. In this two-week course, we will explore concepts like body neutrality and body positivity.
We will question the stereotypes that are imposed upon us by our society and the impact of the media. We will understand the problem with self-loathing and the important aspects of self-acceptance. And what’s more, you will be able to share your experiences, comment, and reflect on the experience of your peers from around the world. And this, I hope, will inspire you to accept yourself every day and be an activist within your own environment on these themes. Join me on this journey. Welcome to Exploring Body Neutrality and Challenging Body Image Stereotypes.

In this first step, Jameela introduces the two week course on how she will help you to explore diverse experiences, dreams and challenges, and discusses how to turn passion into action and investigate ways to affect positive change. “It’s only together that we can move forward”.

You may know Jameela as an actress, presenter or speaker, but she’s also the founder of the radically inclusive I Weigh platform, a safe and inclusive community space that actively works to break down harmful stereotypes.

A photograph of Jameela Jamil wearing a light brown coat, red dress with matching red lipstick and long, dark brown hair. Jameela poses in front of some greenery

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Exploring Body Neutrality and Body Image with Jameela Jamil

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