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First Peoples Health Unit

Find out about the First Peoples Health Unit at Griffith University and how they are helping transform health care for Australia's First Peoples.
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Let’s find out about Griffith University’s First Peoples Health Unit, who are delivering this course.

The goal of the First Peoples Health Unit (FPHU) is to promote better health and well-being for Indigenous Australians. We are highly specialised in integrating Indigenous knowledges and westernised academic approaches to health care. Our team is comprised of predominantly First Peoples staff.

The FPHU is guided by the Griffith Health First Peoples Health Plan (2016 – 2022). This outlines our mission of embedding First Peoples’ knowledges into degree programs and research within the Griffith University’s Health Group.

Located within the Office of the Dean, Learning & Teaching (Health), the FPHU works in collaboration with Schools, Programs, other areas of the University (e.g. Office of Indigenous Community Engagement, Policy and Partnerships, Council of Elders, GUMURRI Student Support Unit) and First Peoples health and community organisations, industry and partners.

First Peoples Health Unit

The story of the graphic

There is a story represented and reflected in the FPHU graphic. It incorporates both traditional and contemporary artwork, symbolising the fusion of the Indigenous and western ways of knowing, being and doing. In Griffith University colours, it signifies the cyclical and holistic nature of First Peoples’ understandings of health, engagement, learning and teaching and research. These are depicted as follows

  • Knowledge from the Ancestors is represented in the logo by the surrounding black circle protecting and guiding all that’s within.

  • Elders are represented by the surrounding black circle protecting and guiding all that’s within.

  • Learning and teaching is represented by the white concentric dots connecting the 8 health schools to the graduation cap circle representing First Peoples student success.

  • Research is represented by the colour red in the logo.


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Griffith University’s Commitment to Closing the Gap

If you’re keen to find out more about the commitment Griffith University has made to help close the gap through programs, pathways and initiatives that have been put in place to increase the number of Indigenous students studying health programs, then watch the following video. You will learn more about what Closing the Gap means in week 2.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

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Safer Healthcare for Australia's First Peoples

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