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How to assembe a diverse team

In this video, we discuss why assembling diverse design teams is so important, and the impact it can have in the workplace.

There is a distinct lack of diversity in the tech sector. To begin to correct this, we need to change the culture from the ground up. Evidence has shown that underrepresented groups are less likely to apply for roles if people like themselves can’t be seen within an organisation (1).

Forming diverse teams

This lack of visibility might suggest that a workplace is not an environment where they will be supported or able to grow. Forming diverse design teams is one of the first places we can start to think about putting inclusivity into action.

The responsibility of assembling a diverse team does not end after the recruitment process. As Jennifer explains there is a difference between a diverse workplace and an inclusive one.

A culture of inclusion

Building diverse design teams is not only about hiring different people but building a culture where those people feel included. Diversity in practice is about inclusion and belonging. It’s about building a space where different perspectives and values can contribute equally to a project.

You might ask yourself questions like ‘does my design team reflect the stakeholders I’m trying to serve?’ and ‘does everyone on my team have the ability to contribute equally to the project?’

Only the first step

It’s important to remember, however, that having a diverse design team does not automatically mean you will build inclusive products and services, it is just one of the first steps we can take to build a more inclusive design process.

For example, as police forces globally have become more diverse this has not solved the problems experienced between the police and disadvantaged communities (2).


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