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Practitioners and organisations to follow

In this article discover a list of global organisations working towards more equitable futures for technology.
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By taking these courses you are now part of a global network of people looking to build more equitable futures for technology and we can’t wait to see what you create. There’s so much to be learnt from what other people in the industry are doing. So, here’s a list of some organisations that you should check out:


Ada’s list

Born out of the systemic inequities the founders were seeing develop and being perpetuated in the tech industry, Ada’s List started life as an email list to help connect women who worked in technology. Since then, the list has grown organically, via word of mouth, to now include over 7,500 women globally.

Ada Lovelace Institute

An independent research institute and deliberative body with a mission to ensure data and AI work for people and society.

African Gifted Foundation

Founded to provide opportunities to gifted young women from across Africa, focusing specifically on STEM subjects

Barefoot College

An organisation that nurtures and supports women’s journey to empowerment. Decentralising technology and putting new tools in the hands of the underserved, with the objective to spread self-sufficiency and sustainability.


A global volunteer network addressing gender-based violence by creating intersectional survivor-led resources online.

Coding Black Females

A nonprofit organisation and our primary aim is to provide opportunities for Black female developers to develop themselves, meet familiar faces, network, receive support and build relationships through having regular meetups.

Code First Girls

We are here to give women the tools, skills and most importantly the space to be the creators of our future technology.

Cyberfeminism Index

An index of feminist practices engaing with techonlgies and the net from 1985 to present.


We can’t just hope for a better future. We have to design it. Whether you’re an individual or an organisation, Hattusia will help you embed ethics into your tech.

Oxford Internet Institute

The Oxford Internet Institute is a multidisciplinary research and teaching department of the University of Oxford, dedicated to the social science of the Internet.

Minas Programa

A collective project from São Paulo, Brazil led by mostly young women of color to learn programming skills and other abilities.

Preta Lab

An organization looking to democratize access for young black women to engage with technology in Brazil.

Web Foundation

The world has made important progress on gender equality thanks to the unceasing drive of committed champions everywhere. But I am seriously concerned that online harms facing women and girls — especially those of colour, from LGBTQ+ communities and other marginalised groups — threaten that progress.

Are there any other organisations you’d like to share?

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Gender-Inclusive Approaches in Technology

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