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3D Printing in Medical, Dental, Education, High-Tech, Entertainment, Broadcasting, Food and Chemical

What are the applications of 3D Printing? in this article, Mr. Amit Kothari discusses multiple applications of 3D Printing in various industries.
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How Medical and Dental industries using 3D Printing Technology?

3D printing is creating an enormous opportunity for the medical sector. According to a report by market research company, SmarTech Analysis, the market for medical 3D printing is currently estimated to be worth $1.25 billion. By 2027, the market value is set to grow to $6.08 billion.

Clearly, the prospect of 3D printing within healthcare is huge. Multiple sectors within the health care industry are benefiting from 3D printing, including orthopedics and dental.

  1. Personalized surgery
  2. 3d printed orthopedic implants
  3. Dental and Medical devices
  4. Better surgical tools

How Education and High-Tech industries using 3D Printing Technology?

Creates Excitement – 3D printing offers students the capacity to experience their projects in the model phase to the actual creation of the model. This generates both excitement and a better understanding of the design process as they gain hands-on experience from conception to production. Complements the Curriculum – Regardless of what program is being used, 3D printing can help students and teachers work better.

3D printing elevates students from being passive consumers of information on a display with no thought given to productivity. Gives Access to Knowledge Previously Unavailable – Because most 3D printers are pre-assembled and plug and play, it’s a fun cutting-edge technology for pupils to learn. Students learn that it is completely acceptable to fail on the first attempt and then try again so as to improve.

Opens New Possibilities for Learning – An affordable 3D printer opens up unlimited learning opportunities for pupils. 3D printing provides pupils with opportunities to experiment with ideas, expanding and growing their creativity. It is not easy to have young students figure things out without the benefit of visualization.

How Entertainment and Broadcasting industries using 3D Printing Technology?

As a studio, create a service of customized figurines for your fans to get the most out of 3D printing that allows each design to be slightly different without requiring a completely new procedure. Create personalized marketing for every customer to reinforce their excitement and passion.

The Majority of them are unique and need to be printed just once, that’s why professionals of broadcasting often prefer 3D printing to fabricate because it is easier, cheaper, and quicker A lot of audio and video equipment is needed on a shooting which implies many peripheries and wires. Also, technology is changing very quickly and a brand new camera may quickly become obsolete and need adapters.

For these reasons you will love the 3D-printing solution which lets you create dedicated boxes for your camera that will embed all peripheries. Reduce the chance of breaking them while taking or through manipulations.

How Food and Chemical industries using 3D Printing Technology?

With the advent of 3D printing, there was a tremendous breakthrough in today’s food industry, with companies across the planet trying their hand at 3D printing food. Now, 3D printing is no longer an idea, but a reality that can revolutionize food production and innovation through improved creativity, customizability, and sustainability.

3D binding printers may also be used, where the layers are later bound with adhesive. The 3D printers used for manufacturing and producing food utilize lasers, powdery substances, and nozzles, amongst others, and are opening up new doors when it comes to food customization and delivering a potent mix of just the right nutrients.

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