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Application of 3D Printing in Various Industries

What are the applications of 3D Printing? in this article, Mr. Amit Kothari discusses multiple applications of 3D Printing in various industries.
3D printing applications
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Different types of applications in 3D Printing

The present-day gain in the use of 3D Printing is because it’s an uncomplicated innovation that could be used for applications in a wide range of domains. In its first years, 3D Printing introduced a high cost of entry.

3D printer models and other apparatus were costly. As of late, with upgrades and new varieties from the technologies of both the materials and equipment utilized in them, expenses have been descending, making 3D printing execution more rewarding & reachable, across ventures and schooling.

3D Printing in Rapid Prototyping originated on the criteria of industrial prototyping, as a method for accelerating the very initial phases of item development with a swift and simple approach of delivering versions that allow for numerous versions of a product to come in an ideal solution quickly and efficiently. This aids in saving time and money at the start of the entire thing development process and ensures certainty before production tooling.

Applications like tooling and casting were improved using the advantages of the various processes. Once more, these applications are progressively being adopted and used across different industries.

  1. Mechanical, Automotive,
  2. Aeronautics, Space, Defense,
  3. Construction, Architecture,
  4. Automation and Robotics
  5. Textiles, Fashion,
  6. Art, Decor, Sculpture,
  7. Office, Home, Retail,
  8. Optics and Jewellery
  9. Medical, Dental,
  10. Education, High-Tech,
  11. Entertainment, Broadcasting,
  12. Food and Chemical
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An Introduction to Digital Manufacturing and 3D Printing

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