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Google My Business: How to Navigate Around the Dashboard

Joshua George explains how to navigate around the Google My Business dashboard.
So before I show you how to optimize a Google My Business dashboard, I thought would be a good idea just to show you around the dashboard, give you good idea of the overview and how to navigate around the whole dashboard. So this is my Google My Business account, do bear in mind this is the one I just created with the, obviously the wrong spelling errors I’ve done Levl finish, just for the example in the training course. So do bear in mind, this isn’t actually verified. So what that means is, a lot of these options will be locked and you can’t actually edit them until you verify their account.
However, as a purpose of the video is give you an overview. It doesn’t really matter for now. So essentially you have the menu on the left hand side of the screen. So you’ve got home, post, info, insights, reviews, messaging, and photos, product, services, and website and users, and got a few more bits and bobs down here. So essentially a lot of these elements here are included on the main home tab. So you see right now I’m on home. I’ll just click that to refresh and you can see from the home tab, I can actually create an ad. So I can advertise easily in minutes.
I can do that right here, or I can scroll down and actually create an ad from this section right here. So the home is a general overview of the whole dashboard. So from the home tab, you can also create a post. You can actually complete more of your listing, adding more information. You can see their reviews, you can respond to them and you can also download the app for your Android or iOS device, and obviously manage instant alerts on the go. Pretty good. If you run, say a hairdresser salon, so if someone books an appointment with you, you can actually respond to that from your phone through the app which is pretty good.
So if you go into post now, this is essentially where you can create offers, or just make people aware of new services you have for your business. You can actually add discount codes, which people can redeem online as well. So all of that is done in the post section. For the information section or info, this is essentially all the information about your business. So you have your name up there. You have your main category which you’ve selected. You’ve got the location, you’ve got the service area, which areas you service. You’re putting your hours there. So you can go into that and say, you’re open on a Sunday. You open at 12 and so on and so on.
I’ll do that later in the video, how to optimize this. I just wanna show you where all the information is. Your phone number is here. You can have an appointment link, services, or you know business description that you open. Add some photos. You can do all of the information in the info tab. On the insights, it’s where you discover insights about your customers. So essentially, if your customer is a male, or they’re female, how did they find your business? How did they engage with your business? So this is really where it really comes to do with optimization. You do a lot of it in the insights tab.
For reviews, it’s when someone release a view on your Google My Business listing, you can see the reviews here and also respond to them. Messaging again, you can answer questions to customers in a snap. So very very quick to do. The photo is where you add photos about your business and showcase what you can do. You can actually make a Google My Business website as well, which will show you how to do in the second video. Products again, it’s just a product you offer or the services about your business.
Again, it’s pretty useful if you have a store, if you don’t have a store in your SAB, so a service area business, so like me, Levl finish, we go out and install flooring in people’s homes. You probably don’t need to do products. You probably wanna focus more on the services, which is what I’ve done initially. So you can see the ones I’ve added have actually come through right now. You can add more at a later date. The website, that isn’t your actual website, this is your Google My Business website. So you can actually click create a site and it’ll create it for me right now.
Again, I will show you how to create this properly and how to optimize it in the next video. And then you just have the last part, which is users, which is obviously just me on the primary owner. If you wanna add someone else to manage it like an agency on a later date, that is how you do it. So later you see how to create an ad. You can get custom Gmails, add a new location. If you have multiple locations, you manage them from here. And if you wanna have linked accounts, setting then support. So, and so that is the overview of the whole Google My Business account.
I highly recommend you to get familiar with it because you will be using it a lot. It’s kind of the bread and butter, local SEO, or to do GMB. So please make sure, you know your way around this.

In this video, you’ll learn your way around the GMB dashboard along with all the features you have at your finger tips!

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