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Meet the team

A short article introducing Learners to the team that developed the course.
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In this course you’ll hear from a range of experts from DIL, the University of Reading, and the European Food Information Council (EUFIC)

Your Educators

Meet the Educators who have developed this course:

Anna-Sophie Stübler Research Associate at Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e.V.
Professor Richard Frazier Head of Department and Professor of Food Science at the University of Reading
Camila Massri Consumer Science Manager at the European Food Information Council

Your experts

As well as meeting the Educators, you’ll also get the chance to meet Dr Afroditi Chatzifragkou from the University of Reading who will be demonstrating some food processing techniques in the Department of Food and Nutritional Science’s Pilot Plant. Dr Emma Bennett, lecturer in Food and Nutritional Sciences, has also contributed to the course.

This run of the course is not being facilitated but you can still take advantage of the experience of other Learners. Why not take the time to read through the comments at the end of each Step and ‘follow’ Learners whose comments you agree with or find thought-provoking? You can then filter comments to select just those you follow to appear in your activity feed, which makes it easier not to miss them.

Questions that were raised by Learners on the previous run have been addressed by the Educators in two ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ articles at the ends of Weeks 2 and 3.


Now you’ve met the team and know what to expect from the course, we’d really like to meet you. Can you tell us why you decided to do this course and a little bit about your background?

Post your comments below. You can filter comments to see those that are ‘Most liked’ and find your own by selecting ‘My comments’.

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How Food is Made. Understanding Food Processing Technologies

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