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Week 3 wrap

This is a wrap up of week 3 of the 'How to start your career in games development' FutureLearn course with BGI.
This week we found out what employers are looking for when they put out job adverts, what you might put into your CV, and how our developers worked on their CVs using an action plan. You should now have a pretty good understanding of what a development job in your discipline looks like, what professional and technical skills you’ll be using day to day, and how to go about applying. It’s important for me to say here that we’re not expecting you to be ready to apply for a job or set an interview. By familiarising yourself with the process, hopefully you will identify what you’ll need to do when you are ready, and improve your chance of success.
Next week, you’ll hear how our developers handled their job interviews, and hear tips from our experts on how to prepare yourself. I was incredibly nervous before my interview. I told myself to see it as an opportunity, to see it as a chance for growth and development, rather than something that you can’t do yet. See you next week.

This might have been one of the most challenging weeks, because you’ve been looking hard at the application process, which can be pretty daunting, and examining gaps in your skill set, which isn’t easy for anyone!

Our advice is keep going! Everyone struggles at some point and it will get easier. What matters is finding the drive to push through and believe you can do it.

Next week we’ll be looking at interviews – don’t worry, you won’t be sitting interviews but instead you’ll be hearing how to tackle them.

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How To Start Your Career In Games Development

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