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Exploring social stigma and its impact

[ICE CREAM TRUCK MUSIC] Hey. Hey, Maria. Same as usual? Sure. You know, I do have other flavours. You mean chocolate. No, thanks. And I thought everyone liked chocolate. Everyone else. How’s the packing going? I never realised Mel had so much stuff until now. How she plans to fit it in that tiny room, I have no idea. I’m glad she got in. Yep. First choice. Cool.
Friend of yours? Huh? That kid.
Oh, no, he’s just– his family’s strange. Yeah? How come? They’re just crazy. Ask anyone. My mum says his dad’s not right in the head. You mean his dad has a mental illness. People say it runs in the family. Do you remember a couple of years back when the van wasn’t around? You mean when you escaped to Spain for a year, and left everyone without ice cream? Yeah, I remember that. Was that what everyone was saying? You didn’t go to Spain? I mean, I had a complete breakdown.
I used to work another job, late shift at a warehouse. Until I didn’t– it got on top of me, and one morning I just stopped feeling able to get out of bed. Losing the job wasn’t even the worst of it. Mel and Laura had to look after me, do everything around the house. I felt like I was letting them down.
I had no idea. Sprinkles? Yeah. So are you feeling better now? Yeah, most of the time. There’s good days and bad days, you know. But I’ve got people to talk with now, and I’m not working all the time. We can’t all have vanilla lives, or chocolate.
Well, see you later then. Sure. Have a good one, yeah? You too.
Hey, what are you listening to?

In this animation, we explore how social stigma can play a role in contributing to COPMI struggling to open up about their situation.

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  • Does this animation provide any useful additional insights into how we can best tackle and deal with the social stigma surrounding parental mental illness?
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How To Support Young People Living with Parental Mental Illness

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