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A Guide to the Impact Revolution

What kind of world do we want to live in? In this article, we introduce Sir Ronald Cohen’s latest book "On Impact: The Guide to the Impact Revolution"

The Impact Revolution aims to align the minds of investors, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, social organizations, big businesses, governments, and the general public to change the nature of our economic system towards a new ethos focused not just on minimising harm but on doing measurable good.

Around the world, there are a growing number of social and environmental challenges that we can, and must, tackle. Philanthropy, while important, does not offer a scalable solution. It can only do so much to assist governments as philanthropic donations are small relative to government expenditures.

But we also can not solely rely on governments and philanthropies to achieve social improvement, and instead must usher in a third force to accelerate the pace of change: the private sector. It is urgent that we access financial markets to harness entrepreneurship and innovation and steer them towards social change.

Sir Ronald Cohen’s latest book “On Impact: The Guide to the Impact Revolution” introduces 8 core beliefs and proposed actions on 7 different fronts aimed to bring together consumers, pension savers, entrepreneurs, managers and employees of companies, citizens and governments, and philanthropists, on a common action plan for the future.

It is time for us all to gather around the new watchword for the 21st century: impact.

You will find a link to download the full book below. It is a great place to start learning more about the role you can play in the impact finance revolution.

Do you have any ideas for how to align more people around the power of impact?

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